{Music} jiantkilla – Wisdom Vibe

Shorty left me for a nigga
when she left me i got figures
so it fig ures
better off forgetting
life is for the living

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
i was broke so long
taught me how to be strong
now a nigga put on
all my worries is gone…..

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
Death is a natural thing
locked in a capsule it seems
when you break out and see
life is all but a dream

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
thought my skin was a curse
til i seen the universe
the earth

where i lay my feet
my mind surrounds me

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
trials and tribulations
but im in the moment
watch it all unfolding
when they ask my age
i just say its golden

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
I had questions
I had to look within
sometimes thats all you got
Tell you str8 off the top.

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful


The universe – The Crown of Transformation


Be patient as we explain the universe tarot card and how it relates to you.
The virgin represents, forgiveness of mental deficiency, which brings about a new mental reality for yourself. The new reality you are to create is the joy of life.  The snake represents the shedding of its skin and the regeneration of its new and improved skin. As the virgin and the snake dance it explains cosmic law. The mind is all and all is mind. Not until one has this realization, one will constantly recreate events he does not want, because he hasn’t shed the skin of the past and he hasn’t forgiven his mind, freed his mind to the realm of impossibility. And from this we place we connect with source the realm of miracles. Through forgiveness, through shedding we create light. That light creates balance in the four elements of ones being, the will, our emotions, our thoughts, our physical surroundings.  This balance comes from understanding the past, forgiving the past, finding peace within the past, so you can move forward with no restrictions.  At this point when one life has ended a new life is on the horizon or here in the present. When you are anxious, uncertain, but you rest in knowing based upon your journey through consciousness. When you have unconditional love in your heart. When you can touch, feel, and experience joy. Based upon your perfect mind. That is the universe. I hope this resonates with you. Relax and think peace. Until next time.

10 of swords – rock bottom ain’t so bad.


As we bid farewell to our old way of thinking, one must become the observer. The observer 10 of swords is the card where things are out of your hands, but one must not get caught up in his surroundings.  When we deal with sudden loss or sudden hardship, it is important to abstract the lesson from whatever we seem to be going through.  That is wisdom.  This is a time that may be characterized by hostile thoughts and destructive forces. If this is so be sure that you observe all unhealthy habits, unhealthy people, and situations.  They will end, by choice or by force. Do not get caught up in things you can not change. Just learn from it and move on. A new life cycle is on the way, based upon manifest thoughts, and the removal of the waste. So we can be the soul we truly want to be.  Please remember the lesson of it all, because this is the end. This is how we transform. This is the process of attaining wisdom.
That is all for now.
Peace calm & overcome

I covered the ace of swords which directly relates to the 10 of swords read it here.


The Magician – The Father and the Son as 1.


The magician is the innermost part of your being. Unseen, unheard, and imprisoned.  Ones power must be utilized, realized. Ones power will not come to him and let that person know he is your psychic ability to use at the persons free will.  Through self discovery one finds that hidden power.  That details the discovery of ones consciousness. Which is useless unless one takes action. Based upon perseverance, emotions, and creativity.  The fanciful ideas of consciousness are useless If they don’t have a physical outlet.  The soul wants to live through you, do you allow it to? Realizing that will bring about creation and manifestation.  In this realm of magical thought a big key in getting what you want would be, being the cause.  By utilizing ones innermost as the catalyst for all creation, one will definitely succeed.  The magician is here to inform us that difficulties will assuredly be wiped away by using your magical weaponry. Rod (spiritual application) Sword (use of mental powers to overcome obstacles) cups (understanding emotions) pentacles (accomplishments in the material realm). The mastery of these four elements will bring about any and everything one could want.  Infinite wisdom is within ones mind, but to have knowledge of that and exercise that knowledge will be key. Deal with your innermost in meditation, visualization, and listen to the divine guidance of the MAGICIAN.
until next time

7 of wands – When it rains, use an umbrella


Through developing the soul, we develop our inner fire, to combat against the external fire of the EGO.
We must build our inner strength, to deal with the opposition we face. Seven is the number of Destiny, we get to destiny through adversity, opposition. Remember this.  Overcome. What may seem impossible to the intellect, is a walk in the park to our true power. Also remember. What opposes us is dying, and like a dying animal, the opposition may be more dangerous due to the fact it may be its last chance to win your mind. What your have learned, what you know will sustain you. 
Peace calm & overcoming.

SilentKilla – LoveCraft

SilentKilla SoundCloud


I’ m not afraid of the dark
I shall walk in the valley of death
I’m not afraid of the dark
This is where I will my heart
Its a glimpse of
what we truly are
Visions of cosmic art
See the demons
Be the genius

See the demons
Be the genius

I have been the fool

To not noticed you

This is pure love

I’m wishing each day

it could be real

Your the reason why

I stay single

Every thought dreams

You. You you you

See the demons

Be the genius

See the demons
Be the genius

I was in love
But got punch drunk
Now I’m on the curb
The world topsy turvy
Body comatose
Call a taxidermy
You ain’t got to worry
I know its scary,
There’s no cemetery
there is a tomb
Something like Mama’s womb
I’m glad you took the red pill
Now you can’t feel
Welcome to the pineal
Visions in the dark
You can see the spark
That caused the Big bang
It was you the one that took aim
To my heart

From the start

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