Eclipses and New Beginnings (March 3rd 2016)

Everything you love about the New Moon gets raised to another Level on March 8/9th 2016. The one and only Solar Eclipse of 2016. There are plenty of aspects during this time of the Solar Eclipse which makes me want to name this event the MakeAWish Solar Eclipse.  Its all written in the stars, March 5th Mercury comes into Pieces for 16days as well Mars enters Sagittarius for the next 22 days, during this time we will be able to change our spiritual outlook with a renewed grasp on our very own spirituality.  These things are hard to see when we deal in the mundane realm. But the aspects really point out some hidden deep revelations that will occur the weekend of March 5th. These revelations will or won’t lead you to mundane success or mundane failures. The Ancestors are passing the baton, will you be conscious to receive the baton is the real question.  This is like a flood of which you can choose what exactly you want to be flooded with. Water becomes a metaphor for whatever you are manifesting directly or indirectly.
The weekend will set the tone coinciding with the waning moon to let the bullshit go.
It is time to let the eclipse  give you a kiss and prep for Uranus’ big transit into Aries 3/11 which is a fresh start predicated by your preparation.
This eclipse is an Entering of the Void infinite and unfathomable. Now be conscious and don’t let the flood be detrimental have the flood be something of which you would want. So start the rituals. And make this year great. Because March is the first month of the year. IT STARTS NOW.


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