Monday Update. Eclipse. Gazing. Gods of Egypt.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, eye gazing is the deepest way of connecting to your inner self. Whether with a partner or a mirror, if you are searching for a miracle this is it.
In regards to relationship issues and clearing negative energy make eye gazing part of your routine.
Time to let go of all things that no longer serve you. As a precaution. This part of life is what will feel like the good part the climax.ย  Veils will be lifting. People will throw up. Be sick for short or longer times based on how much you have to cleanse. Me personally I have threw up twice. All for the love of cleansing. We must become more and more spiritual as the day of atonement is quickly approaching the energy of change is very prevalent. It is a occult and predictable change only if you take the mantle and state what change you want in your life. Moon manifestations are essential.
New Podcast coming this week. The topic is Gods of Egypt. Can’t believe how you niggas slept on that one. Let the media control the narrative. Missed out on a great movie.ย  But I will be doing a break down and a blog on how niggas completely missed the point.
But I’ll be back soon. Just checking in. More on the way.
Peace Melchizedek


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