Black people worldwide are in need of Gnosis. Part 1.

So as we  enter this post solar eclipse period and with the Sun now conjuct with chiron it is a time for evaluation. Time to stop the criticism and identify and correct our errors.  The successful man or woman is the one who corrects his errors.
As a race we are no doubt discontent, but there is a reason for that, that is the goal. To keep you discontent. To keep you NEURASTHENIC. Searching for faults. In a well known faulty at best system. Studying a faulty at best history. Keeping you engaged in the madness is all that the global elite want out of our people.
Why they do it is because of the nervous system. The nervous system is the connection between body and spirit. When that is disrupted your spirit and body do not have a direct line of communication.
That is why Deaths have become more ritualistic and downright sinister when it comes to media coverage. To keep your nervous system disrupted. If you can make it past work, school, and family without finding fault in others, congratulations your on the path. Along the way correcting your errors. Your gravy train. But if you reached this point and you are talking about what another person is doing that he shouldn’t be doing that is not your child, then you need to do some adjusting and correcting.  Because the goal is Health Money Love. But before we get into that we have to make sure we are not victims and were connected to source. Because were clear on not judging others and perfecting ourselves.
Once that is established relax the body and clear the mind and set the intention. Put yourselves in the mind of your interactors how do you want them to recieve you and treat you. Realize it took a mind to conceive electricity, therefore your mind is more powerful and it has the ability to manipulate this reality.  Be devoted to seeing your reality true. End racism within you, create opportunities within you, start businesses within you. Thats gnosis my nigga.
Too many I-s in the community not enough we-s. If we are a community then we need to wake up to our manifestations of we. Not I. I is the source of conflict. We is the source of all cosmic energy. So remember.
Simple solutions to what may seem as a complex problem. But I aint done/ its only part one. #barz



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