Gnosis and the Black Race (part 2)

Everything is vibration.  We have control over our circumstances, so when you are in unfavorable conditions, why do we make it about somebody else. Nobody put you there.  You just need to develop a fool proof system that will never fail to get you to the point to where you need to get to.

Instead of blaming the media, the elite, white people, the church, scammers, etc…It is time we correct our own errors first and foremost and become successful in your own right, and then use the good you have gained through self development and heal the world.  If you want.

You gotta remember that you are ether, everything is ether and that is where it will return, ether.  This is key to understanding and advancing your being.  It is unbelievable so don’t believe, know.  Speak unto the ethers that your condition should be favorable and realize that you can not deny yourself.

Money is  not good or bad.  Why is it people who amass fortunes are looked upon as evil? What if you amassed a fortune what would you do? Would you change the world? Well then we are waiting for you to make that move.  Obtain much money and use it for good.


Thanks for reading. 


Part 3 we get into correspondences and science to see through the fog. Gnosis





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