Ace of Swords (the seed of intellectual power)


Whenever we face a new beginning, we tend to take different approaches. The Ace of Swords is telling you to take a mental approach to magick.   You must know you have an inherent ability to use your mind to alter this matrix.
It all starts with realizing that your viewable word is a result of what you have been thinking and if you hope to change that change your thinking.  Not how we feel, lets face it, a lot of people feel horrible about there condition but are they able to change it? Can you see your faults, errors, and defects and neutralize or change them. This is necessary if you want to break free, and create a suitable reality for ones being. 
In doing this we create a union with the most high when we deal with our reality without emotion and with the power of our thoughts. Ace of Swords represents that union. Understanding this is crucial to magickal development.

More Tarot updates on the way.
Til next time.
El Melchizedek



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