Gnosis (Thought & Action) part 3


Should we continue the physical battle of our ancestors?
Should we, Can we create our very own reality?
If we are utilizing Gnosis, and a stance towards not finding fault in others then. By default we create our own reality.
So what are truly and genuinely putting out into the universe?
What is your true intent?
Deepest desire you wish to manifest?
What is the root of your intent?
In order to cross that proverbial bridge of dreams to reality, you must take a vow of secrecy with the higher self.  The hidden power of oneself has only one obvious rule. Stay hidden. Nobody has to know your magical steps that get you to your destiny. All they have to know is that your a generous and altruistic person. After your meditation, concentration, visualization exercise, every moment afterwards is a MANIFESTATION. The true judge if your experiment was a success.  So dont take things personal when you know you are a magician. Become observant and helpful. On top of it all to the average non practitioners you will come across as crazy or unreliable. The matrix is set up this way, the matrix is a simulation, this is not a real place. Life can be altered based on mental power. If you let uninitiated thoughts enter your mind you will experience negative results. If you keep quiet if your intention you will experience positive fulfillment of your dreams.  Understanding those around you and helping them solve their  problems is the foundation to all success. And should be repeated as much as possible.

The miracle is a thought at one point that seemed impossible, so very MENTAL ENERGY is spent towards that thought, and yet it happens. A miracle.

Mental energy is a finite source that we use to create our reality.
It is most powerful if and when used towards one specific goal. That power is then reduced as we allow other various thoughts into our minds.
That is why it is important to still the body. Direct your energy to one specific, sigil, event, vision, color, number, symbol, etc… But to bring about your vision does not stop with this exercise. Gnosis is more than meditation. It is the action that brings the result.

Law of at – tr – action.
The At is where it happens at, or the moment of realization.
The tr or Tri is the culmination of mind body and soul. The holy trinity.
The action is the representation of the human will and your ability to do and be.
See Law of Attraction is activated by thought. But fully engaged and realized through action.
Can you be the representation of your thought?
Can you be what you want to attract?
In order to recreate your self utilizing gnosis, you must remove your defects.  Do not allow yourself to fail any longer.  Perfect yourself. Correct your thoughts and follow up in corrected actions. You will begin to notice that as you refine yourself more and more manifestations and miracles will become self evident.

Thank you.
El Melchizedek

Stay tuned for part 4 Money!!!!!!



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