Gnosis and Money (part 4)

Living in the Moment

Every moment that you engage in conscious thought will always be NOW.  People generally project their thoughts into a future projection.  “One day I’ll be rich” “Tomorrow will be better” “When we get reparations our condition will change” etc…

Change can only be experienced in the NOW. Think about it….When it actually happens it will be NOW. What we experience causes an emotional vibration that permeates throughout the Ethers.  A trick to get what you want is to be the emotional vibration for which you wish to experience.  For example, I want to live in a world where there is no racism, in thought I imagine the world to be not racist, with the hopes that my physical surroundings will align with my emotional vibration.

You cant just get on the bus….

But if you know where the bus stops and you are patient it will eventually stop for you and you can get on.  

We have to know what emotional frequency we want to achieve and hold that frequency for as long as we can.  The trick is that you will be tested in this idea, and more often we fail.  So you must stay aligned, and do actions that correspond with what you intend to manifest.  The bus will stop, you will get on, and get to your destination.  But know where your going (What you want to manifest), wait (meditation, relaxation, and/or ritual), get on the bus when it stops (action), that is the magical process.

If any of this seems like its out of left field, but you are interested on how we got here.

Read Sections  2  & 3 for a more direct way of using your mind.


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