Silentkilla – Voyage Music EP

Silent Killa-Voyage Music EP

Here we have an introduction to the experimental artist known as Silentkilla.  He hails from the galaxy of Autotunia and has been on this planet since the early 1900’s.  His spaceship landed in Aurora,TX and since then he has been trying to acclimate himself to human life. Silentkilla and his spaceCousin jiantkilla decided to make recently as a hope to beacon their homeplanet of Autotunia.

Voyage Music is a journey into the occult world of music without the spookism.  Its all about knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  It is definitely a CD you won’t forget, hailed for its creativity and smooth grooves.  Different and Cool. Dope ALBUM.

Click the link to hear:

Silent Killa-Voyage Music EP


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