We are all psychic. Gnosis (part 4)


Desire is a low frequency vibration. Strongly wanting something is saying to the universe that you don’t have what you are seeking.
The mental struggle is real. The diabolical nature within is constantly in battle for control of your thoughts with the higher self.
The higher self rarely speaks to you in everyday that. It must have a space created for it to speak. You can’t think your way to gnosis, you have to experience gnosis. If you have lust in your heart and mind then you will be misdirected.
Can you allow yourself to be genuine and non fault finding with those around you?
Can you find time to slowdown your mind, relax your body and allow the creator to speak through you?
Correct your thoughts and align your actions, this is key to success in achieving gnosis (all knowing, knowledge)
We are all psychic.
Anything you want to learn on this planet takes practice.
We all don’t develop that part of our brain.
If you don’t walk for  ten years then decide to walk. You wont be able to. Your leg muscles have atrophied.
That is the average persons pineal gland. When you spend time in meditation take time to focus on the area in between your eyes, redirect mental energy to your pineal gland. Feel it vibrate, pulsate, spin. The pineal gland is the Seat of the Soul. That is the portal for all cosmic intelligence to enter your being and start transforming you into the Soul you came to this earth to be.
Surrender to your self.  Allow it to speak to you and through you. Be prepared for a miracle.

Thanks for Reading.



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