Gnosis & Solutions

Separate yourself from the problem

The problems we face as a community can not be solved by focusing on the problem.  By doing that we become the problem.  We do not realize that our problems are caused by our previous mindset.  The things we fear the most we readily attract.  We must neutralize our thoughts brought about by fear at a cause level.  By forgiving our negative/diabolical thoughts.  Come into Meditation with a pure mind and heart.  Remember relaxation and calm is the key to all salvation.  The Peace and calm are the true solvers of all of our problems.  If a “problem” shall arise Remember that the solution of the problem will not be solved through panic only through peace.  Identify with the solution exclusively.

All Psychic Phenomena,  Miracles, Solutions come from a place of peace.

The difference from hearing voices combined with mental illness as opposed to Clair Audience and hearing voices, is the deliberate calming of the mind associated with Clair audience.  What people are seeking in preachers, spiritualists, gurus, teachers, priests can be found in silence, in gnosis, in peace, in forgiveness. 

Find peace in your present situation and your ability to make the necessary changes  to bring about your true desires.  You dont have to spend time imagining your desires because that is still a conflict.  Spend time in gnosis. True gnosis. Dont get distracted. Spend time alone, in silence, at peace. Miracle.

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