Queen of Swords (The Womb)

The Queen of Swords is highlighting the mental and emotional aspect.  When you see this card, it is saying that freedom is in the mind. So if you paid attention to my Gnosis Series, then you would understand that thought is not limited to the physical body, neither are your emotions.  So if you want independence and freedom, but mentally you feel it is impossible, you don’t see an out, you can use this card as a reminder. That thought is free and independent but if you subject thoughts simply to the physical body, you are limiting yourself.

With the Full Moon approaching there will be a great balancing in Mental and Emotional energies.  With that we should develop our own will, and use our own passions to get what we want and need.  The will and the passions will come from a Centered place if you allow To realign your thoughts and your emotions. Combine the Queen of Swords with the Queen of Wands for the Full Picture.

Until Next Time





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