The Astral Body (introduction) Part 1

Is the Astral Body Real?

1 Corinthians 15:44

They are buried as natural human bodies, but they will be raised as spiritual bodies. For just as there are natural bodies, there are also spiritual bodies.

In order to deal with the Astral Body you have to be able to deal with the thought of Death. In theory you die every night when your Astral Body exits your physical body along a silver cord, while you sleep.  It is that silver cord that attaches the physical body to the astral body, and when that cord breaks that is when “death of the physical body” occurs.

Since so many people are afraid of death they are afraid of astral travel as well.  The concept of the Astral Body is closely related to the “Devil”, the Double.  We are taught to fear the closest thing to us.  And when it comes to Occult Knowledge, we tend to think that by studying a book, or a course, or a video that we are adept.  But if you were taught arithmetic it would take a person years to deal with complex mathematical solutions, so this should be treated no different.  The study of the Astral Body and Realm should not be a small undertaking.  In order to fully grasp higher consciousness one must study and re study to get a full innerstanding.

What is Real?

That which you see is not real.  The things without mystery, without research could never be real.  The mystery is our self.  Our True Self.  That is Real.  God, Life, our minds our beyond our comprehension. Logic and Rationalization has been taught to us but if you look at life and the Media it is far from logical and rational, so what happened?  The system is clear and it is faulty.  You are perfect, whole and balanced.  The physical reality, the physical body is full of problems that can’t be solved by the problems from which it came.  The perfection, the wholeness, the balance of ones being can be found but not completed in the Astral Body.  Through Gnosis we come into contact with the Astral Body.  This is not an overnight process.  This is just an introduction.  In order to do Multiplication one must be acquainted with numbers. Until Next Time.

Peace and Calm




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