Six of Pentacles – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Solution


When you understand your spirit, soul, the astral reality of your being. You will find the abundance and comfort of the non physical. The six of pentacles explains that direct correlation from spiritual realization and success in mundane affairs.
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse signifies the balance of emotions and the will. Combined with this card you can see the balance of spirit and material energy. The six of Pentacles represents wisdom through experience. So this will not be your first gift, or opportunity, but this may be the first time that you will experience a direct correlation from spirit to the world. You will undoubtedly know the source, so one might not be taking it to the extreme, but taking it in stride.
We can leave the crisis behind with the knowledge of self, and experience our spiritual life in the material realm.
Be careful with desire, desire is a call to the universe of lack, and you will undoubtedly bring more lack. But deal with what you have, the abundant spirit of life and magnify and multiply the greatness of you. We all want to see you in your splendor. Until next time
Peace and greatness



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