The Lovers – Acceptance Creates Harmony


What is Love?
Everyone needs love, but not everyone understands it. The Lovers card explains what deep and fulfilling love really is. 
As an individual the need of love is often externalized, which is a mistake many people make.  True Love is established with inner harmony. So its always good to be the person you want to fall in love with.  Another important aspect of love is, creating a space for love, and how to accomplish this.  Trusting and Caring for others creates a space, creates a pathway for the love you seek. Handling responsibilities is the substance that makes love, true love, possible. Need is what makes loving impossible, but to trust is the fuel that keeps love going.  In order to reach this higher order, acceptance. You can only reach acceptance of others by accepting one self, if you have any deficiencies, the love you seek is the love to fill a void, but this isnt love, when the void is filled or if it never gets filled, the end result is failure.  You have to see the perfection in all, only if you can see the perfection in you is this goal achieved.
The Lovers is letting us know that the combination of contrasts brings about true success. You lessen the resistance when you become The Lover, instead of The You.  There is a decision to be made, do we want uncompromised true love, or conditional fading love?
Are you suppressing yourself through adaptation?
Is it better to accept the contrast or confront the difference?
These are difficult questions to answer, but if you are willing to do a self inventory, and correct the things within ones self, that will set the pathway to LOVE.
You can’t find your soul mate before finding your soul.
Until Next Time

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