The Magician – The Father and the Son as 1.


The magician is the innermost part of your being. Unseen, unheard, and imprisoned.  Ones power must be utilized, realized. Ones power will not come to him and let that person know he is your psychic ability to use at the persons free will.  Through self discovery one finds that hidden power.  That details the discovery of ones consciousness. Which is useless unless one takes action. Based upon perseverance, emotions, and creativity.  The fanciful ideas of consciousness are useless If they don’t have a physical outlet.  The soul wants to live through you, do you allow it to? Realizing that will bring about creation and manifestation.  In this realm of magical thought a big key in getting what you want would be, being the cause.  By utilizing ones innermost as the catalyst for all creation, one will definitely succeed.  The magician is here to inform us that difficulties will assuredly be wiped away by using your magical weaponry. Rod (spiritual application) Sword (use of mental powers to overcome obstacles) cups (understanding emotions) pentacles (accomplishments in the material realm). The mastery of these four elements will bring about any and everything one could want.  Infinite wisdom is within ones mind, but to have knowledge of that and exercise that knowledge will be key. Deal with your innermost in meditation, visualization, and listen to the divine guidance of the MAGICIAN.
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