The universe – The Crown of Transformation


Be patient as we explain the universe tarot card and how it relates to you.
The virgin represents, forgiveness of mental deficiency, which brings about a new mental reality for yourself. The new reality you are to create is the joy of life.  The snake represents the shedding of its skin and the regeneration of its new and improved skin. As the virgin and the snake dance it explains cosmic law. The mind is all and all is mind. Not until one has this realization, one will constantly recreate events he does not want, because he hasn’t shed the skin of the past and he hasn’t forgiven his mind, freed his mind to the realm of impossibility. And from this we place we connect with source the realm of miracles. Through forgiveness, through shedding we create light. That light creates balance in the four elements of ones being, the will, our emotions, our thoughts, our physical surroundings.  This balance comes from understanding the past, forgiving the past, finding peace within the past, so you can move forward with no restrictions.  At this point when one life has ended a new life is on the horizon or here in the present. When you are anxious, uncertain, but you rest in knowing based upon your journey through consciousness. When you have unconditional love in your heart. When you can touch, feel, and experience joy. Based upon your perfect mind. That is the universe. I hope this resonates with you. Relax and think peace. Until next time.


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