The Hierophant – Expanding into the Spiritual


The Hierophant is a man. But an enlightened spiritual man. He has gotten his enlightenment by fully embracing the past, present, and future into his current reality. He is all things in time. He is the quintessence of his true will, true emotions, true thoughts, becoming the true person. As opposed to the false person of whoever society wants him to be.  On a quest for true knowledge brought about a wonderful illumination. When he accepted the knowledge that brought fulfillment to his daily life, he began to live through wisdom. Wisdom is when all of the information is streamlined into one divine thought. And that is what the Hierophant exemplifies. The Hierophant trusts his inner self completely and that has Allowed him to transform himself into a man of high Magic.
Find yourself in these words.
Until Next Time


Queen of Disks – leaving the desert behind


The Queen of Disks (pentacles, coins) has the world in her hands, leaving behind a desert of lonlieness and inadequacy.  But how did she get here?
This is the more evolved queen of the four queens in the tarot.  She has worked and developed her intuition to the point of manifesting the world she wants. 
If you find yourself in a desert of lonileness, the problem is everyone and everything around you is dead. But being in a desert will create the illusion of an oasis, but it is only an illusion. Be the queen of Disks and put the desert behind you.
You can have. Whatever you want. You must see clearly through calm and persistent thoughts.
Your joy should be persistent. If you are in a desert put it behind you.
Through calm, patience, persistent thought of what you want, stable emotional field, you will manifest or become the queen of the earth, and your joy will be evident for all to see.

That is all for now.
Thank you for reading.


Queen of Cups- Seeing the Love that’s not here


There is a veiled spirit that guide’s you.  The Queen of Swords is the card that removed the veil and gets you closer to the mysteries of your being.  We all have an oracle within that can answer any question one might have.  Trusting your feelings, following your emotions, are messages from the soul. These messages are unconcious, and may cause confusion thanks to the veil. But the veil can and will be removed.
In a calm sea you are able to see your reflection.  In a calm mind you will begin to see the reflection of the soul manifest in this reality.  Trusting in your instincts, acting on your instincts, is simultaneously building your intuition, the veiled Queen of Cups.  This will lead to her birthing you a new outlook on your emotions and how you see life. Calming your mind and listening to your inner voice, will bring you closer to the mysteries of your being.  The Queen of Swords is outlining this aspect of the soul.
That is all for now.  Until next time.
Peace and Calm

Prince of Disks – Commanding your inner Bull


So imagine the ferocious, unstoppable, raging bull.
That energy is within you.
You do not tame a bull with strength, you tame the bull through confidence and knowing.
The prince of disks is a card that signifies ones inner rage being used to blow down obstacles.  One by one. Sometimes there is no visible path, when this occurs. The prince and his raging bull create that visible path, one can travel down, if one chooses. Through patience and awakening ones inner power, one will have the ability to complete any goal one sets his heart on.  Through meditation you will create surprising avenues for yourself. Though your still and unmoved, the unstoppable motor of manifestation picks up speed and power, thus creating the avenues for you to move through in life. So take responsibility and create a space to allow opportunities to flourish in and around you. 
For a practical approach to magic, clean up the clutter, and allow new pathways to form and not get blocked by unnecessary clutter.
That is all for now.

{Music} jiantkilla E.T.{Music}

I often wonder why you live
Up under the sky
Your extra terrestrial
Its weird cause so am I
You remind me there’s no space
And time
Re create memories in the future
Using third eye

Travelling planets
Had sex on moon
Left on a Thursday
Won’t be back til June
I am Anubis
and You are nun
Ill be shango
youll be oshun
When I’m with you
I do shit I dont do

am i the only one
who can see your disguise
said hello in sumerian
you were so surprised
we met in atlantis
you left
a flood came from my cries
now its all euphoria
we met in another life

Four of Wands – incorporation of opposite


To experience the joy of life in totality, one must accept not just the good but also the bad.  The four of wands is letting us now that our hard work will not go unnoticed today.  It is letting us know that unfortunate situations are a result of an established spiritual maturity that is needed for further development. I will explain.
In life when things are well, and we have a tendency to not relay on our spiritual aspects, and this creates an unbalance.  The spirit needs to be balance with the physical to create wholeness. So how do we cross that bridge?
To know is to have self assurance that it was all for a purpose. When you have insight on the totality of life which includes the opposition within, we are on the pathway to deep and true satisfaction. We are able to compromise without giving up our own self interest. When we incorporate all that we have learned through trial and error, combined with spiritual knowing we allow peace and prosperity to take hold of our lives. 
The four of wands is a card of visible result, hard work paying off, and overall success regardless of what you had to go through to there.
That is all for now.
I wish peace order and harmony to you.

The Tower – A Kick in the Ass


The Tower represents fate and how it shows up.

Ultimately we want to change some aspect of ourselves, but there are obstacles to that change.  The obstacle almost always will be an old way of thinking one must change.  We often become trapped in a way of thinking, when we pull The Tower card, or meditate on this card, we are in for an intense change of circumstances.

This could be a card  to awaken ones Kundalini.  At the base of the spine lies a dormant energy, this energy is our spiritual manifesting power.  When we are external in our thoughts, and we are worried about everything outside of ourselves, this Kundalini Energy will remain dormant.  When you take an interest in the internal and eternal journey of one’s consciousness, that energy awakens.  It longs to join your consciousness, but it is primordial and uncaring therefore when it manifests it will not meet your obstacles with care, it will come with destructive force.

Do not focus on the evil, but focus on the necessary development of fate.  Losing your security will ultimately propel you to your first step of a new cycle of self development.

When you are slow to change, The Tower may show up to be that catalyst to change.