The Tower – A Kick in the Ass


The Tower represents fate and how it shows up.

Ultimately we want to change some aspect of ourselves, but there are obstacles to that change.  The obstacle almost always will be an old way of thinking one must change.  We often become trapped in a way of thinking, when we pull The Tower card, or meditate on this card, we are in for an intense change of circumstances.

This could be a card  to awaken ones Kundalini.  At the base of the spine lies a dormant energy, this energy is our spiritual manifesting power.  When we are external in our thoughts, and we are worried about everything outside of ourselves, this Kundalini Energy will remain dormant.  When you take an interest in the internal and eternal journey of one’s consciousness, that energy awakens.  It longs to join your consciousness, but it is primordial and uncaring therefore when it manifests it will not meet your obstacles with care, it will come with destructive force.

Do not focus on the evil, but focus on the necessary development of fate.  Losing your security will ultimately propel you to your first step of a new cycle of self development.

When you are slow to change, The Tower may show up to be that catalyst to change.



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