Four of Wands – incorporation of opposite


To experience the joy of life in totality, one must accept not just the good but also the bad.  The four of wands is letting us now that our hard work will not go unnoticed today.  It is letting us know that unfortunate situations are a result of an established spiritual maturity that is needed for further development. I will explain.
In life when things are well, and we have a tendency to not relay on our spiritual aspects, and this creates an unbalance.  The spirit needs to be balance with the physical to create wholeness. So how do we cross that bridge?
To know is to have self assurance that it was all for a purpose. When you have insight on the totality of life which includes the opposition within, we are on the pathway to deep and true satisfaction. We are able to compromise without giving up our own self interest. When we incorporate all that we have learned through trial and error, combined with spiritual knowing we allow peace and prosperity to take hold of our lives. 
The four of wands is a card of visible result, hard work paying off, and overall success regardless of what you had to go through to there.
That is all for now.
I wish peace order and harmony to you.


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