Prince of Disks – Commanding your inner Bull


So imagine the ferocious, unstoppable, raging bull.
That energy is within you.
You do not tame a bull with strength, you tame the bull through confidence and knowing.
The prince of disks is a card that signifies ones inner rage being used to blow down obstacles.  One by one. Sometimes there is no visible path, when this occurs. The prince and his raging bull create that visible path, one can travel down, if one chooses. Through patience and awakening ones inner power, one will have the ability to complete any goal one sets his heart on.  Through meditation you will create surprising avenues for yourself. Though your still and unmoved, the unstoppable motor of manifestation picks up speed and power, thus creating the avenues for you to move through in life. So take responsibility and create a space to allow opportunities to flourish in and around you. 
For a practical approach to magic, clean up the clutter, and allow new pathways to form and not get blocked by unnecessary clutter.
That is all for now.


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