Queen of Disks – leaving the desert behind


The Queen of Disks (pentacles, coins) has the world in her hands, leaving behind a desert of lonlieness and inadequacy.  But how did she get here?
This is the more evolved queen of the four queens in the tarot.  She has worked and developed her intuition to the point of manifesting the world she wants. 
If you find yourself in a desert of lonileness, the problem is everyone and everything around you is dead. But being in a desert will create the illusion of an oasis, but it is only an illusion. Be the queen of Disks and put the desert behind you.
You can have. Whatever you want. You must see clearly through calm and persistent thoughts.
Your joy should be persistent. If you are in a desert put it behind you.
Through calm, patience, persistent thought of what you want, stable emotional field, you will manifest or become the queen of the earth, and your joy will be evident for all to see.

That is all for now.
Thank you for reading.



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