The Empress – Venus in Taurus


The Empress represents an aspect to the time we are currently in.

Venus in Taurus.

When the perseverance of our material life is in question or needs help, the card to use or work with is The Empress Tarot card.  The Empress is literally a door way to our desires,  and the cool thing about it, it will always be there to access when we need it.

In order to understand The Empress we need to understand the Moon and the Sun in astrology and what they symbolize.  The Sun is the masculine archetype and the Moon is the feminine archetype.  When we deal with Tarot you need to combine Astrological Concepts and Numbers and various attributes  to complete the picture, no different from a human i may add.

The energies we are working with are Venus and Gemini, so what that is saying is the overall love of something has to be synthesized in the lower and upper regions in the being.  Also there is the Moon, showing us the constant cycle of death and rebirth, kind of like the train that runs 24 hours non stop even on holidays, and when you wanna know where the energy is all you have to do is get on.  The Moon waxes and wanes every 28 days without any hiccups, it is a certain and for sure science.  It is obvious but also hidden at the same time.  Lastly we are dealing with Taurus the world we can see and touch. So when you combine all of these principles you get the Empress.

You get a balanced Love that is all pleasing and instead of the love being Vague and in theory, it will be real and tangible.  As the Moon Waxes you should continually build on your desires and feel it real, using The Empress as a door way on the Moon Train, to get to any destination one see’s fit.

So the time is now to jump on this energy and board the Empress Train.

Until Next Time

Peace, Love and Fortune





Princess of Wands – The Spark


Isn’t funny how a little spark can set a whole building on fire, in the right settings.  Within us all is a similar spark, that can ignite any desire we so choose.

But like an actual spark, the inner spark is just as sensitive.

The spark is the origin yet it has no origin, we do not know where it comes from, but what we do know is that if we are not careful it can hurt us, but if we can harness and direct the flame it can provide us great comfort and great warmth.  I’m sure we all know people like that.  That feeling is captured in the Tarot card The Princess of Wands.

To understand this card, and how it may apply to you, you have to place yourself in the forest in the middle of winter.  As the night falls the only thing on your mind truly at that moment is creating a fire so you can eat, be warm, and be comfortable.  There are other things on your mind presently, like your family, your destination, what you left behind, etc… but the one thing that is important at the very moment is creating that fire.

You do not have to manifest the whole fire, all you have to do is manifest a spark, and have some dry leaves and such so that the fire can then grow from that initial spark point.

The princess of wands is that spark, that fire, the dry leaves is the manifest world that we live in that will catch on fire as long as you provide the spark.  This is a positive card that is letting you know that once you get your confidence and plan together, everything will catch up. You may want 1million, but the spark would be that initial investment into your company that will eventually net you that 1 million dollars you had intention on.

The spark is that euphoric sensation that can not be described, that feeling of finally we got this fire started so we can eat.

At some point you may have to rub two stones together, and as long as you have the required tools to harness the fire, you most certainly will have a fire that will sustain you through the night.

Peace Sparks and Fortune

Until next time


Nine of Disks – The science of Luck

Luck is defined as success brought by chance as opposed to ones own actions.  But we all know “lucky” people, what is it that they are doing different from the “unlucky” ones?

We first need to understand that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens from a Cause Point and in order to get into the flow we need to determine what it is that we are causing.
Secondly we need to define what success is for us, and not use success as a bar that we either reach or don’t.
You must design your own success. In order to generate and manifest “luck”.

There is a lower force and an upper force that has to be synchronized.
The nine of Disks is explaining how and what synchronization of the cause forces that create what looks to be on the outside world as luck. For yourself.

Jupiter Mars And Saturn sit at the top and urge you to expand your knowledge

Venus Mercury and the Moon are establishing the depth and trust of your instinctual nature.

In order to combine them into synchronicity you need the three elements of air water and fire.
On fertile ground.

The signs on this card are Venus (beauty riches) in Virgo (harvest)

9 represents concentration of various elements into one thing. (Luck)

Pentacles is representing the earth. (Manifest)

So to the world it looks as though your luck is by chance. But when really you synthesize everything you know into a Cause Point. And you bring it down to earth in action. And you experience good results. To others you may seem lucky. When really you are simply concentrating on what you really want.

I hope that made sense.

Check the six of pentacles write up that is in alignment with the nine of pentacles for a broader picture.
Until Next Time

Peace, Success and Gain

Prince of Cups – Taurus New Moon (2016) Tarot Card


What can we expect from the Taurus New Moon? The answer is the Prince of Cups.  

We can expect that things will go into a forced equilibrium, that will bring about a turning point in all of our lives.  Just think Prince.  We are going through a deep emotional phase in human history.  Consciousness is now being fused with the mind of God, it is likened to a maturation process of the spirit and soul.  

This is a time to deal with the subconscious mind, or we will clearly see the subconscious mind manifest right before our eyes.  Truly remarkable as well as subtle.  

We are encouraged to follow our feelings, let our hearts guide us in making decisions, when you feel strongly about something do not hesitate.  We are approaching a new beginning. A true harmonization of the mind and heart.  

Let us celebrate the beauty in others and the beauty of life during this Moon phase.  Let us grow our connection to the earth, by appreciating it.  

God Heals.

Until Next Time


Hood Mystic Mound Meditation (Hopewell and Adena Mounds)


I’m writing this to the Americans who do not tap into the Spiritual resources of their homeland. A lot of people search for spiritual guidance from Africa. But usually we do Not have access to Africa. But we have access to America.
I have spent time with the ancestors at the mounds of Hopewell National Historic Park in Chillicothe, Ohio.

I also was at the Arena Earthworks park in Newark, Ohio. Over the past week.


These sites are a testament to how wonderful it must of been in the ancient world. I offered them smoke like the ancestors. And just spent time in gratitude and appreciation, for remembering this land and the people’s.


When you think about the Genius of these sites how they correspond with the moon phases, equinoxes, and star patterns.  And since it’s not covered on the history channel, or hot topics on YouTube, these sites and sites like this may be overlooked.


I urge anyone to visit a Mound nearest you and simply offer some smoke and meditate on the greatness of spirit, the immortality of you. Use this energy to create something that will stand for the next 2000 years, So your ancestors can have something to be proud of when thinking of you. All resources are available to you. Here are some more pictures that I took. Please enjoy. And visit a Mound. They are not just hill’s of dirt, they are intricate ritual objects that hold mass power and wisdom.
Until next time.
Peace Melchizedek