Prince of Cups – Taurus New Moon (2016) Tarot Card


What can we expect from the Taurus New Moon? The answer is the Prince of Cups.  

We can expect that things will go into a forced equilibrium, that will bring about a turning point in all of our lives.  Just think Prince.  We are going through a deep emotional phase in human history.  Consciousness is now being fused with the mind of God, it is likened to a maturation process of the spirit and soul.  

This is a time to deal with the subconscious mind, or we will clearly see the subconscious mind manifest right before our eyes.  Truly remarkable as well as subtle.  

We are encouraged to follow our feelings, let our hearts guide us in making decisions, when you feel strongly about something do not hesitate.  We are approaching a new beginning. A true harmonization of the mind and heart.  

Let us celebrate the beauty in others and the beauty of life during this Moon phase.  Let us grow our connection to the earth, by appreciating it.  

God Heals.

Until Next Time



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