Nine of Disks – The science of Luck

Luck is defined as success brought by chance as opposed to ones own actions.  But we all know “lucky” people, what is it that they are doing different from the “unlucky” ones?

We first need to understand that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens from a Cause Point and in order to get into the flow we need to determine what it is that we are causing.
Secondly we need to define what success is for us, and not use success as a bar that we either reach or don’t.
You must design your own success. In order to generate and manifest “luck”.

There is a lower force and an upper force that has to be synchronized.
The nine of Disks is explaining how and what synchronization of the cause forces that create what looks to be on the outside world as luck. For yourself.

Jupiter Mars And Saturn sit at the top and urge you to expand your knowledge

Venus Mercury and the Moon are establishing the depth and trust of your instinctual nature.

In order to combine them into synchronicity you need the three elements of air water and fire.
On fertile ground.

The signs on this card are Venus (beauty riches) in Virgo (harvest)

9 represents concentration of various elements into one thing. (Luck)

Pentacles is representing the earth. (Manifest)

So to the world it looks as though your luck is by chance. But when really you synthesize everything you know into a Cause Point. And you bring it down to earth in action. And you experience good results. To others you may seem lucky. When really you are simply concentrating on what you really want.

I hope that made sense.

Check the six of pentacles write up that is in alignment with the nine of pentacles for a broader picture.
Until Next Time

Peace, Success and Gain


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