Princess of Wands – The Spark


Isn’t funny how a little spark can set a whole building on fire, in the right settings.  Within us all is a similar spark, that can ignite any desire we so choose.

But like an actual spark, the inner spark is just as sensitive.

The spark is the origin yet it has no origin, we do not know where it comes from, but what we do know is that if we are not careful it can hurt us, but if we can harness and direct the flame it can provide us great comfort and great warmth.  I’m sure we all know people like that.  That feeling is captured in the Tarot card The Princess of Wands.

To understand this card, and how it may apply to you, you have to place yourself in the forest in the middle of winter.  As the night falls the only thing on your mind truly at that moment is creating a fire so you can eat, be warm, and be comfortable.  There are other things on your mind presently, like your family, your destination, what you left behind, etc… but the one thing that is important at the very moment is creating that fire.

You do not have to manifest the whole fire, all you have to do is manifest a spark, and have some dry leaves and such so that the fire can then grow from that initial spark point.

The princess of wands is that spark, that fire, the dry leaves is the manifest world that we live in that will catch on fire as long as you provide the spark.  This is a positive card that is letting you know that once you get your confidence and plan together, everything will catch up. You may want 1million, but the spark would be that initial investment into your company that will eventually net you that 1 million dollars you had intention on.

The spark is that euphoric sensation that can not be described, that feeling of finally we got this fire started so we can eat.

At some point you may have to rub two stones together, and as long as you have the required tools to harness the fire, you most certainly will have a fire that will sustain you through the night.

Peace Sparks and Fortune

Until next time



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