The Empress – Venus in Taurus


The Empress represents an aspect to the time we are currently in.

Venus in Taurus.

When the perseverance of our material life is in question or needs help, the card to use or work with is The Empress Tarot card.  The Empress is literally a door way to our desires,  and the cool thing about it, it will always be there to access when we need it.

In order to understand The Empress we need to understand the Moon and the Sun in astrology and what they symbolize.  The Sun is the masculine archetype and the Moon is the feminine archetype.  When we deal with Tarot you need to combine Astrological Concepts and Numbers and various attributes  to complete the picture, no different from a human i may add.

The energies we are working with are Venus and Gemini, so what that is saying is the overall love of something has to be synthesized in the lower and upper regions in the being.  Also there is the Moon, showing us the constant cycle of death and rebirth, kind of like the train that runs 24 hours non stop even on holidays, and when you wanna know where the energy is all you have to do is get on.  The Moon waxes and wanes every 28 days without any hiccups, it is a certain and for sure science.  It is obvious but also hidden at the same time.  Lastly we are dealing with Taurus the world we can see and touch. So when you combine all of these principles you get the Empress.

You get a balanced Love that is all pleasing and instead of the love being Vague and in theory, it will be real and tangible.  As the Moon Waxes you should continually build on your desires and feel it real, using The Empress as a door way on the Moon Train, to get to any destination one see’s fit.

So the time is now to jump on this energy and board the Empress Train.

Until Next Time

Peace, Love and Fortune





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