The Fool — The science of new beginnings.


There are times when we require change, but we are stuck in past thoughts, causing us to recreate undesirable circumstances.  The truth is, we don’t know how to change. How do we manifest a truly new beginning. Without the fears of the past coming back and ruining that what we thought was new.

We must become THE FOOL.

In order for us to experience change we have to allow change to exist. Over time we have been taught not to follow our instincts and not trust the unknown. We no longer investigate the mysteries of life because we supposedly have all the answers.  As opposed to being open and unbiased when we take our daily journey, maybe today won’t be so ordinary, when things happen that we don’t want to happen, can we search for the reason why it happened? Remember unbiased. We don’t know the future and THE FOOL is here to remind us this.
THE FOOL represents that chaotic creative spark, your original potential materialized. Once you engage with the FOOL you are engaging with your limitless possibilities, you are now travelling on a road you have never travelled.
The Fool would be seen when one desperately needs to change or needs a change. But not ready to let go of that which hurts them. The Fool is reminding you to let it go and be naive to the pains of the past. And curious about the joys of the future.  This is the most perfect state one can be in because one is now face to face with ones most perfect spirit. THE FOOL.

That is all for now.
Peace & Calm


Astrology Notes (August 13th 2016) Sun & Moon Aspects


Sun trine Uranus
You can expect a new perspective, rest, and clarity. In order to pinpoint the exact area of this clarity one would have to request a reading from me. 

The Moon is also supporting Uranus.
So you can literally feel your way to a new change and new perspective. Through rest and calm.  This aspect is supportive and giving you safety when making rash decisions probably after a time of not having safety. Also originality in the realm of uncertainty. A big idea is supported now. An epiphany of some sorts. A great time for emptying your cup and allowing new emotions to be poured in.

The moon is squared to Jupiter in Virgo.
So the challenge is that you may not see your abundance right away. But there are so many supporting aspects that are clear but not linked directly to your abundance. But they are.  So DON’T PROCRASTINATE. if it feels good do it at this time. During a waxing moon. Your abundance will be seen it just may be delayed.

Jupiter is conjunct with Mercury.
So now is the time where you will see miracles all around you. If you are patient and persistent a miracle will happen for you as well.

These are my impressions.
Until next time
Peace and Calm

Princess of Swords – the black cloud remover


The Princess of Swords tarot card is an avenger of your mind. Sometimes after long bouts of depression and doubts, these negative thought forms seem to be a real thing. We often feel defeated.
Princess of Swords will remove those negative thought forms. She will restore your empty altar, and remove your black cloud.
She is Venus in the realm of the mind.
Venus is a warrioress. The divine feminine has a nurturing aspect as well as a war like aspect. In the higher realms you see her warrior qualities. She attacks problems with ferocity.
When you begin to study, or attend school the Princess of Swords is a good card to work with. She will destroy mental boundaries and bring much clarity.
The Princess of Swords is a person or an aspect of your own personality.
That is all for now.
Peace & Calm