The Fool — The science of new beginnings.


There are times when we require change, but we are stuck in past thoughts, causing us to recreate undesirable circumstances.  The truth is, we don’t know how to change. How do we manifest a truly new beginning. Without the fears of the past coming back and ruining that what we thought was new.

We must become THE FOOL.

In order for us to experience change we have to allow change to exist. Over time we have been taught not to follow our instincts and not trust the unknown. We no longer investigate the mysteries of life because we supposedly have all the answers.  As opposed to being open and unbiased when we take our daily journey, maybe today won’t be so ordinary, when things happen that we don’t want to happen, can we search for the reason why it happened? Remember unbiased. We don’t know the future and THE FOOL is here to remind us this.
THE FOOL represents that chaotic creative spark, your original potential materialized. Once you engage with the FOOL you are engaging with your limitless possibilities, you are now travelling on a road you have never travelled.
The Fool would be seen when one desperately needs to change or needs a change. But not ready to let go of that which hurts them. The Fool is reminding you to let it go and be naive to the pains of the past. And curious about the joys of the future.  This is the most perfect state one can be in because one is now face to face with ones most perfect spirit. THE FOOL.

That is all for now.
Peace & Calm


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