The Hanged Man – Overcoming the Ego

Many times unconsciously we fall into victim conciousness.  Many times we dont know how we got there, nor how to get out, we remain hanging. The Hanged Man tarot card is showing us a remedy to when we find ourselves in that situation. 

When we put earthly affairs before spiritual affairs, we flip our paradigms to a more narrow and rigid structure. Putting earth first creates a feeling of being bogged down, when you dont find to meditate, sing, chant, etc, you may find yourself getting nowhere fast. One must not get caught up in the everyday routine of earth duties, but try new things,  do something you deem spiritual. 

The hanged man is letting you know major changes, transitions, readjustments are available. Eventhough your not forced to change, like the Tower, its a more of an option at this point. One can continue to complain and stay suspended in the air.

If one is able to release those past patterns of earthly desire, one would almost instantly gain spiritual wisdom.  One could find inner peace and develop ones own faith. Metamorphosis through isolation and knowledge, studying wouldnt be a bad idea.  But this could be a major turning point if you so desire, but one must put all things in their proper perspective and move forward out of suspension.
That is all for now.

Peace & Calm


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