Hood Mystic’s Ritual Series. Part 1 – MARRIAGE (backwards tradition = backwards society)

One of the biggest rituals in our world is the ritual of marriage.  For many of us it is a dream come true. For many of us it is not an original idea, but an idea supplanted in our brains, to one day fulfill. 

But our society is in trouble and this is the main reason why.  WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING.

In history, before sex was just another thing. Sex was a big deal so much so the people would act out a ritual because it was finally gonna happen. 

A ritual is supposed to be a ceremony to act outwardly what would be happening inwardly.  So when it came to marriage it would be sex. So the woman would be waiting for the man as he walked down the aisle. Outlaying what was about to happen later. His sperm would walk down her passageway and be greeted by a waiting egg.

Now we live in a time where the woman is walked down the aisle. Taking her out of her submissive power.  Making the man be submissive which is his weakness. This is the ritual that is taking place. This is why divorce rates are so high, because we dont understand the ritual or act accordingly. 

If we seek love it is not through the modality or ritual of marriage. One must always focus on the love of self allowing you to love others freely.

That is all for now.

Peace & Calm



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