Moors = Navigators 9/11 Indigenous channel. Mozart and Beethoven were Moors.

Estevanico (c. 1500-1539) was one of the first native Africans to reach the present-day continental United States. He is known by many different names, but is commonly known as Esteban de DorantesEstebanicoand Esteban the Moor or Mustafa Zemmouri

It is often claimed that Chakwaina is a ceremonial representation of Estevanico, a Moroccan-born slave who led the first Spanish party to the Pueblo tribes as a scout for the expedition of Fray Marcos de Niza

Juan Garrido (c. 1480 – c. 1550[1]) was a black African-Spanish conquistador. African by birth, he went to Portugal as a young man.[2] In converting to Christianity, he chose the Spanish name, Juan Garrido (“Handsome John”).

He joined a Spanish expedition and arrived inSanto Domingo (Hispaniola) about 1502. He participated in the invasion of present-dayPuerto Rico and Cuba in 1508. By 1519 he had joined Cortes’ forces and invaded present-day Mexico, participating in the siege ofTenochtitlan. He married and settled inMexico City. He continued to serve with Spanish forces for more than 30 years, including expeditions to western Mexico and to the Pacific.[3] He is credited with the first cultivation of wheat in the New World.

Angelo Soliman probably belonged to theKanuri ethnic group.[1][2] His original name, Mmadi Make,[3] is linked to a princely class in the Sokoto State in modern Nigeria. He was taken captive as a child and arrived inMarseilles as a slave, eventually transferring to the household of a marchioness in Messinawho oversaw his education. Out of affection for another servant in the household, Angelina, he adopted the name Angelo and chose to celebrate September 11(911), his baptismal day, as his birthday.

In 1783, he joined the Masonic lodge “True Harmony”, whose membership included many of Vienna’s influential artists and scholars of the time, among them the musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


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