The Chariot – Opening up to Your Soul’s Desire

PSALMS 119:133

Prepare my goings in your paths and do not let evil rule over me

The ego is really not goal oriented, it simply looks for ways to attach itself to this illusionary world.  It would hope to be in the illusion forever.  This is why spiritually centered people are not afraid of death.  They realize thay Death is just a part of life.  Although we will all die one day, our PURPOSE is no less important bringing us to the Chariot Tarot Card.


We all have a deep need for fulfillment. What i mean is that we are willing to go to the ends of the universe if it meant fulfillment. Realizing that when we get there we are still not satisfied. That is simply because we dont realize that fulfilling the Ego is impossible. The fulfillment we truly seek is the connection of our Human Will with the Innermost Soul. 

Once we turn our backs emotionally on the needs of others and their expectations of us. Becoming our authentic self through meditation and study, remaining peaceful, calm and receptive to our innermosts guidance.  We cant simply rest on the messages though, we must be proactive in the realization of the souls desires. 

That is all for now. 

Peace & Calm


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  1. I love how concise and insightful your posts are, but I wonder at your sentence structure a lot. More than a third of your sentences are actually sentence fragments that take short jumps in your thought progression and can be difficult to read. It’s not that I can’t get past it, but it is unpleasant and can obscure your meaning.


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