9 of Cups — Making the decision to be happy

Psalms 97:11

Light shines on the righteous
    and joy on the upright in heart.

Today we will focus on the 9 of cups Tarot Card, and we will find out how to become emotionally stable in a turbulent world.  In this world happiness is a choice one must make, it isn’t something that will just happen.  Due to the inner dialogue between the self and the soul, we generally determine the circumstances and events we will allow ourselves to be happy.  If those events dont happen then we have nothing to be happy about.  The thing about happiness is that it creates more happiness.  So by picking and choosing when and what makes us happy we can not be happy on our own, slowing the process of everlasting joy.  When we make the choice to be happy above all circumstances, what we are actually doing is creating a joyous environment for ourselves based on The Law of Attraction.  In the face of adversity you remain joyful, because you realize that you have been creating adversity for yourselves, but this time you want to create ease and joy, so you make the necessary choices NOW.  You dont wait for favorable circumstances to come to be happy, because you know that that way of thinking those, favorable circumstance will never come.  Once we make the choice to be happy, the world will start to change to match your vibration, you created by making this divine decision.  Once we focus on our joy, it will inevitably expand.  When we trust in the future, the present becomes a better place, and if we continue, we will change our world.  Once you tell yourself that you are lucky, that you are fortunate, that you deserve and are worth more, so shall it be.  That is all for now

Peace & Calm



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