Pluto/Mars Conjunction/ Ogun Transit October 19, 2016


800px-veveogoun-svgPluto will conjunct Mars in Capricorn October 19, 2016.

First we will talk about Pluto.  This Planet is like the shadow, following you around everywhere you go, not making it’s presence known.  Shrouded in mystery, Pluto rules the sign Scorpio.  It represents the deep soul-like instincts.  It represents the dark times, before you know your inner-self, also the wisdom post transformation.

Next we will talk about Mars, we talk about a planet seeking redemption.  Our Warrior, Wizard, Magician, and High Priestess energy is tied up in this planet.  Mars is the Red Planet, representing the blood and/or bloodline.  This fight is ancestral and unconscious when MARS and PLUTO conjunct.

This conjunction is represented by the Orisha Ogun.  We can see us being rewarded justly and fairly, soon.  MARS/PLUTO is organizing a plan for the individual and the collective simultaneously.  So there will be no hesitation, the path will be clear.  Ogun carries an axe to clear the way for us.  When these planets align an AXE will appear in the sky and in our minds and open the path for us all.

Hillary Clinton was born with a Mars/Pluto Conjunct. This transit will inconjunct her natal placement in Leo, wielding her AXE to behead any competition.  October 19 will be a turning point for her.  She will reveal some deep dark secrets to put an end to her competition, securing her path to the 2016 Presidential Election.  I use her as an example of what energy is present FOR ALL OF US to access at this present time.

Let us be Calm and Peaceful and Observant, and witness a foundation shift in all of our lives.  Until Next Time.

Peace & Calm





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