This Week Ahead in Astrology January 1st, 2017 – January 8th, 2017

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces

January 1st 2017

We start the Calendar Year off with a bang in the form of a hug.  Depending on your level of intent and focus one could manifest his wildest desires.  The energy is available, but that doesn’t mean everyone will become rich, a lot of people are distracted or in a place of fear internally, that is what they want to manifest, and they will.  You will also see people amass the fortune, past-life love, twin flame connections, and almost unbelievable good fortune.  Shadows often provide depth to at two-dimensional painting, to give it the appearance of a three-dimensional figure.  This transit is taking the third-dimension reality and advancing it to a fourth-dimensional reality.  New Years Resolutions never meant so much.

Advice:  Begin to grow your spiritual practices, expand on them, so they can expand in your life.

Venus enters Pisces

January 3rd, 2017

As this Piscean energy trend continues to grow Venus makes her visit to the last constellation.  Blurring the lines between love and reason, many will be lost in the sauce.  It’s important to not respond emotionally, bur realizes it’s a simple trend and phase that will pass.   Visions, fears, and prejudices will take over reason.  Love, Beauty, and Success will overtake circumstance, contrarily.  Remember your goals and what you are building to.  Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn wants you to stay grounded, and continue to climb no matter the obstacles.  Fortunately, you will have the energy and will to push through any difficulties, and raise your consciousness awareness to the next level.  Remember to stay within the realms of consciousness and purpose rather than fantasy.  Focus on healing, loving, growing, and magic.  

Advice:  Remove Victim Mentalities and Victim Narratives, they will be readily available, but resist the urge to indulge in pity parties.  Focus and stay focused on your growth and development.

Sun Conjunct Pluto

January 7, 2017

So the overall astrological trends are highlighting the power of the individual, and the relinquishing of a power the establishment has had.  Don’t expect standing up for your individual rights will be easy.  Some things are as difficult as they are necessary, so if you know what you want, do not expect smooth sailing.  Through perseverance, diligence, and endurance our desires will become manifest, surely.  For new beginnings to occur, endings must transpire.

Advice: Don’t be afraid to let go, for the sake of aligning the body with the spirit.  Old habits, old thought forms, useless lovers simply let the go.

Mercury Stations Direct

January 8th, 2016

It is time to begin a new phase in the realms of manifesting, jobs, and relationship.  Finances are getting ready to rise, as well as opportunities for growth.  Lead by example, do not look for others for cues on how to lead, look within.  By next month you will be in a much better position to see all there is you need to see, to properly plan for the life you truly desire.

Advice: Do not be afraid to start new things, relationships, hobbies, and overall you may be surprised at what you learn.

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Peace & Calm



Saturn & Why it’s Important

Challenges are what gets us up in the morning. A life of ease is what creates the thrill seekers who bungee jump, mountain climb, and skydive.  What these people understand whether consciously or unconsciously, is that by facing your fears you receive the greatest gift of self-mastery.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the Law of Economy, Wealth, and Resources.  Once you understand the limits, from a point of objectivity, one can easily transcend those limits.  We are all faced with restrictions whether conscious or unconscious, known or unknown, seen and unseen.  That’s why Saturn is the ruling planet of the Magical Capricorn.

If an astrologer is telling you that Saturn equates to a Malificient circumstance in your life, it is up to you to accept that situation, or it is up to you to change it.  Fear is a polarity to that which is feared.  In our current reality, all we have to do is take our pick of things to which we should, could, and would fear if given the opportunity.  These fears may be valid.  But in the sense of Esoteric Astrology, one begs the question, how is Saturn helping me?  What sense does it make to simply harp on one’s challenges and obstacles, and not harp on how to overcome one’s challenges and obstacles.  Saturn is a slow moving transit, so these are slow moving challenges we need to overcome. The things that we need to invest time, energy, and resources into.  The garden one needs to grow, finances one needs to get in order, proper investments, healing old and deep wounds.

The dark side of any planet is brutal.  The light side of the planets, or the understanding as opposed to the lack, brings about the complete transformation of one’s physical reality. Saturn is no different.  The reason why Saturn gets a bad rep, even Astrologers have a hard time facing their challenges.  It’s human nature to rebel to limits and structures.  Mastering a challenge, overcoming an obstacle, completing a journey creates a wonderful feeling within the being.  Depression comes from not dealing, not trying, misunderstanding, not knowing that there even is another side.  Why would a billionaire kill his self, then you people work for pennies a day and find happiness?  Your condition or circumstance is never a source of joy,  but basking in the gifts and the understanding of Saturn is an infinite joy.  The worst thing about prison isn’t being in prison, the worst thing is being miserable in prison.  You can’t leave, so sometimes you just have to make the most of it until the time is up.

We all have our personal prison, and we all can free ourselves.  Contact me for a reading, so we can discuss Saturn and where he is at in your chart, what aspects are there, and when your Saturn return is.  Saturn returns every 7 years and asks the question, “What have you done?” When will he return in your life? What will you say?  Contact me for a reading via Facebook or Email.

Peace & Calm



The Week Ahead in Astrology 12/25/2016 – 1/1/2017

Awakening you to the Archetypal Universal Movement of the week ahead.

Mars in Pisces Opposes North Node in Virgo

Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Look forward to peaceful encounters with past representations of sadness, anger, and strife.  This could be family members, places, or situations.  Your recently found peace will be transparent, you could finally realize that it is your peace, to which is truly important.  Your meditations and intentions are likely to manifest in different periods throughout the week.  Stay Calm, Stay Peace and prepare for the New Moon on Wednesday.

Uranus Stations Direct in Aries

Wednesday 12/29/2016

This is perfect timing with our upcoming New Moon.  This transit is signifying Divine Timing, a portal opening for manifesting projects we have struggled with, or need that initial push, or fruitful seed.  This is a great time to visualize our greatest success and victory.  This is a magical time highlighting meditation, visualization, and manifesting our greatest desires.

New Moon in Capricorn

Wednesday 12/29/2016

I have Covered the sign of Capricorn earlier in the week.  So this Wednesday we come to a decision whether to utilize this magical energy or not.  Like I stated above, that this is a portal, a gateway.  The energy will not always be this fertile, so it’s no sin in using it for your benefit.  Capricorn and the darkness of the New Moon conjure up images of witchcraft and sinister, but the reason is to keep out the uninformed and uninitiated.  Really use this energy, rituals, and intentions, to manifest your desires.  Think outside of your pain, and within your joy.

Mars Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

Sunday 1/1/2017

The energy that you want to bring the “New Year” in with is PEACE.   Look Forward to a Peaceful beginning to the year, in spite of all circumstances, handle it all with PEACE.  Our Masculine energy is being submerged, protected, and cleansed.  Some major battles are coming to an end and an Age of  Peace is reigning through the land.

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Peace & Calm


Capricorn: Grounding and Rising

With this Astrology Series will be removing the fog surrounding various symbology and archetypes.  The Ancients observed nature and implemented their findings into human nature, and spiritual knowledge.  As we arrive at this present day we can utilize these archetypal myths and symbols, to enrich our daily lives.

Capricorn, is derived from the Latin word Capra which means goat.(God of all Things)  If you observe the mountain goat you will see his stability through rocky terrain and high altitudes.  What we can take from that is that, by being grounded one can steadily rise like the Goat.  The goat was worshiped, in ancient Egypt (The goat of Mendes, later the Baphomet), in ancient Greece (Pan later Dionysus).

With the advent of Christianity, it needed to create a Devil or a symbol that represented ancient thought, and distort it.  So now when you see the Baphomet or Pan these deities are know collectively seen as evil.   While the vagueness and mystery of an all knowing God, reigns supreme.  But the question still remains why the Devil, and why the Goat?  Because the Goat is a perfect symbol for evil, based upon the knowledge of the scapegoat.  There were actually two goats, one was sacrificed, and one was sent into the wilderness.  The goat that was sacrificed is symbolized by the destruction of ancient knowledge and temples, wholesale.  The one sent into the wilderness with the sins of the people, would be villanized.  Giving us the story of the scapegoat which could be found in the bible.   So when the time comes for Winter Solstice we put our attention on Jesus instead of Lucifer.  Jesus is utilizing the power of Capricorn to be reborn year after year, while the Goat and Capricorn go deeper and deeper into obscurity.

What does the Capricorn represent and why do we miss out on the opportunity?  Once you fully understand the mystery of Capricorn and who he was in Ancient times, you tap into an ancient why of thinking.  You become the Ancestors before colonialism, industrialism, and Christianity. Your right mind.  You begin to realize that Capricorn represents, freedom, independence, no limitations, and all-knowledge.  At the same time you will be cut off from people who have a colonized, Christian mind.  So that could produce loneliness, being an outcast, and cut off from people who don’t want to advancement in the realms of spirituality.

So like the Goat, this is a gateway to arising of consciousness, the goat goes higher and higher up the mountain for the reason of sustenance.  We can use this Capricorn energy to rise higher and higher in the realms of spiritual development.  This is a magical time, Capricorn is an earth sign, but once you understand the lesson you will be able to fly like the unicorn.

For information on how Capricorn affects your life.  Send me an Email.  If you would like to schedule a reading, visit my Facebook Page, for reviews, prices, and additional information.

Peace & Calm


Mercury Retrograde & New Moon in Capricorn (December 2016)

Every time a Mercury Retrograde period occurs, people go crazy, literally and figuratively.  I always wondered why tho?  I notice that other planets go retrograde to little or no fanfare whatsoever.

So why Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the most important yet mysterious planet in the solar system.  Mainly because of its speed, and responsibility.  It really doesn’t have time to explain itself, but you will ultimately feel its presence or lack thereof. Mercury is the mind, the human mind.  Not the Spiritual mind. But the intelligent mind.  This has pros and cons, like most things within duality.  Mercury separates us from Animals as well as Gods.  Mercury is able to relay messages and is the intermediary between all three worlds.  The human world, the God realm, and the Animal kingdom.

So when this planet goes retrograde, our COMMUNICATION is all thrown off. Mercury is that mysterious substance that connects water and liquid, soul and body, spirit and matter, mother and child, finally word and flesh.  So depending on what house Mercury is transiting in your chart, in contrast to where it is at on a universal level, will determine how this retrograde will affect you. That is why it is important for you to investigate your natal chart, or hire someone to do it for you.

New Moon December 29th, 2016

The goal of this New Moon in Capricorn is to enter it as a Goat and exit a Unicorn.  We all are trying to gain footing in this rocky world, at the same time trying to fly free of obstacles.  Symbolizing the transformation of the goat into the unicorn.  So this upcoming New Moon is a spiritual gateway to freedom.  Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius, highlighting our connection to our soul’s purpose.  So my advice would be to seek alignment with source.  Act less, meditate more.  With  Saturn (The lord of Karma) still in Sagittarius(Souls Purpose) getting ready to enter Capricorn.  We don’t really have a choice, we must act righteously. If you seek more clarity please contact me: Email   Facebook

Peace & Calm



Why you need a Tarot Reading.

Maybe you don’t fully understand how a tarot reading works.  This post is to give you a deeper understanding of what happens during a reading.  Hopefully give you the confidence to pursue a reader. It is good to have a reader on call like a doctor, to get those answers you seek. 

The unconscious mind has a different relationship to space and time, than the conscious mind.  It is likened to a bird’s eye view, a larger and wider perspective. The conscious mind is limited at best. The time when you consciously experience the unconscious is during dreams. The way we understand consciously is through words, but unconsciously we understand through symbols and imprints.  As a reader I speak the language of symbols, and I simply translate it for you. If you are not familiar with that language.

Another consideration as to why you need a tarot reading/reader, is the fifth dimensional truth to our beings.  As a reader I do no simply talk to your conscious mind, as in everyday conversations, I communicate with my guides.  Who are communicating with your guides, giving me back information you need to know.  I’m always under the impression out guides are coordinating our physical encounters, in all walks of life, long before our conscious minds are aware.  From the fifth dimensional perspective the question and the answer are one.  As a reader it is my job for you to see that.

The truth is that we are more connected than this physical reality would like us to believe.  I’m just here to help you see that.

Peace & Calm