Why you need a Tarot Reading.

Maybe you don’t fully understand how a tarot reading works.  This post is to give you a deeper understanding of what happens during a reading.  Hopefully give you the confidence to pursue a reader. It is good to have a reader on call like a doctor, to get those answers you seek. 

The unconscious mind has a different relationship to space and time, than the conscious mind.  It is likened to a bird’s eye view, a larger and wider perspective. The conscious mind is limited at best. The time when you consciously experience the unconscious is during dreams. The way we understand consciously is through words, but unconsciously we understand through symbols and imprints.  As a reader I speak the language of symbols, and I simply translate it for you. If you are not familiar with that language.

Another consideration as to why you need a tarot reading/reader, is the fifth dimensional truth to our beings.  As a reader I do no simply talk to your conscious mind, as in everyday conversations, I communicate with my guides.  Who are communicating with your guides, giving me back information you need to know.  I’m always under the impression out guides are coordinating our physical encounters, in all walks of life, long before our conscious minds are aware.  From the fifth dimensional perspective the question and the answer are one.  As a reader it is my job for you to see that.

The truth is that we are more connected than this physical reality would like us to believe.  I’m just here to help you see that.

Peace & Calm





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