Capricorn: Grounding and Rising

With this Astrology Series will be removing the fog surrounding various symbology and archetypes.  The Ancients observed nature and implemented their findings into human nature, and spiritual knowledge.  As we arrive at this present day we can utilize these archetypal myths and symbols, to enrich our daily lives.

Capricorn, is derived from the Latin word Capra which means goat.(God of all Things)  If you observe the mountain goat you will see his stability through rocky terrain and high altitudes.  What we can take from that is that, by being grounded one can steadily rise like the Goat.  The goat was worshiped, in ancient Egypt (The goat of Mendes, later the Baphomet), in ancient Greece (Pan later Dionysus).

With the advent of Christianity, it needed to create a Devil or a symbol that represented ancient thought, and distort it.  So now when you see the Baphomet or Pan these deities are know collectively seen as evil.   While the vagueness and mystery of an all knowing God, reigns supreme.  But the question still remains why the Devil, and why the Goat?  Because the Goat is a perfect symbol for evil, based upon the knowledge of the scapegoat.  There were actually two goats, one was sacrificed, and one was sent into the wilderness.  The goat that was sacrificed is symbolized by the destruction of ancient knowledge and temples, wholesale.  The one sent into the wilderness with the sins of the people, would be villanized.  Giving us the story of the scapegoat which could be found in the bible.   So when the time comes for Winter Solstice we put our attention on Jesus instead of Lucifer.  Jesus is utilizing the power of Capricorn to be reborn year after year, while the Goat and Capricorn go deeper and deeper into obscurity.

What does the Capricorn represent and why do we miss out on the opportunity?  Once you fully understand the mystery of Capricorn and who he was in Ancient times, you tap into an ancient why of thinking.  You become the Ancestors before colonialism, industrialism, and Christianity. Your right mind.  You begin to realize that Capricorn represents, freedom, independence, no limitations, and all-knowledge.  At the same time you will be cut off from people who have a colonized, Christian mind.  So that could produce loneliness, being an outcast, and cut off from people who don’t want to advancement in the realms of spirituality.

So like the Goat, this is a gateway to arising of consciousness, the goat goes higher and higher up the mountain for the reason of sustenance.  We can use this Capricorn energy to rise higher and higher in the realms of spiritual development.  This is a magical time, Capricorn is an earth sign, but once you understand the lesson you will be able to fly like the unicorn.

For information on how Capricorn affects your life.  Send me an Email.  If you would like to schedule a reading, visit my Facebook Page, for reviews, prices, and additional information.

Peace & Calm




  1. […] Challenges are what gets us up in the morning. A life of ease is what creates the thrill seekers who bungee jump, mountain climb, and skydive.  What these people understand whether consciously or unconsciously, is that by facing your fears you receive the greatest gift of self-mastery.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the Law of Economy, Wealth, and Resources.  Once you understand the limits, from a point of objectivity, one can easily transcend those limits.  We are all faced with restrictions whether conscious or unconscious, known or unknown, seen and unseen.  That’s why Saturn is the ruling planet of the Magical Capricorn. […]


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