Saturn & Why it’s Important

Challenges are what gets us up in the morning. A life of ease is what creates the thrill seekers who bungee jump, mountain climb, and skydive.  What these people understand whether consciously or unconsciously, is that by facing your fears you receive the greatest gift of self-mastery.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the Law of Economy, Wealth, and Resources.  Once you understand the limits, from a point of objectivity, one can easily transcend those limits.  We are all faced with restrictions whether conscious or unconscious, known or unknown, seen and unseen.  That’s why Saturn is the ruling planet of the Magical Capricorn.

If an astrologer is telling you that Saturn equates to a Malificient circumstance in your life, it is up to you to accept that situation, or it is up to you to change it.  Fear is a polarity to that which is feared.  In our current reality, all we have to do is take our pick of things to which we should, could, and would fear if given the opportunity.  These fears may be valid.  But in the sense of Esoteric Astrology, one begs the question, how is Saturn helping me?  What sense does it make to simply harp on one’s challenges and obstacles, and not harp on how to overcome one’s challenges and obstacles.  Saturn is a slow moving transit, so these are slow moving challenges we need to overcome. The things that we need to invest time, energy, and resources into.  The garden one needs to grow, finances one needs to get in order, proper investments, healing old and deep wounds.

The dark side of any planet is brutal.  The light side of the planets, or the understanding as opposed to the lack, brings about the complete transformation of one’s physical reality. Saturn is no different.  The reason why Saturn gets a bad rep, even Astrologers have a hard time facing their challenges.  It’s human nature to rebel to limits and structures.  Mastering a challenge, overcoming an obstacle, completing a journey creates a wonderful feeling within the being.  Depression comes from not dealing, not trying, misunderstanding, not knowing that there even is another side.  Why would a billionaire kill his self, then you people work for pennies a day and find happiness?  Your condition or circumstance is never a source of joy,  but basking in the gifts and the understanding of Saturn is an infinite joy.  The worst thing about prison isn’t being in prison, the worst thing is being miserable in prison.  You can’t leave, so sometimes you just have to make the most of it until the time is up.

We all have our personal prison, and we all can free ourselves.  Contact me for a reading, so we can discuss Saturn and where he is at in your chart, what aspects are there, and when your Saturn return is.  Saturn returns every 7 years and asks the question, “What have you done?” When will he return in your life? What will you say?  Contact me for a reading via Facebook or Email.

Peace & Calm




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