This Week in Astrology 1/9/17 – 1/16/17

The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

We come into the week as Mercury Stations direct in Sagittarius, highlighting the fact that we are realigned with our purpose, things aren’t completely in order, but we finally are moving in a positive direction.  Where there was once doubt is now a certainty.  Whether or not you’ve made it to your destination at least you know how you’re getting there.

This week we want to focus on the Full Moon in Cancer energy.  Consciousness is being aware of unseen energies and using them to your advantage.  In the form of intuition, divination, messages from dreams, just knowing, making right decisions, good fortune,etc.  Being aware of a Full Moon and preparing for one can and will aid you in your daily life.  This particular full moon represents making dreams into realities if invited in.  It may be so much going on in your life where the full moon may not be important, and you overlook it, that represents the darkness.  So in darkness, one is not able to see as clearly.  Once you recognize the archetypal energies that the planets represent in your life, you are enLiGHTened and pulled out of darkness.  See what house this full moon falls in your personal chart, to see where you can turn your dreams, visions, and desires into reality.  This is the moment of evolution if you are aware of it.  On the morning of January 12th the Sun and the Moon will come into perfect alignment  The Sun(I) will be fully illuminated and rising in Capricorn(G.O.A.T = God of all Things) opposing The Moon (How I Feel)  fully illuminated and exalted in Cancer(The presence of the great Goddess).  This transit represents a divine union of masculine and feminine energy, where one could either be challenged or given an opportunity to combine oppositional energies and create something new.  By feeling things should be one way or the other you will definitely be blocked.

Later in the day, Venus makes a union with Neptune in Pisces, creating a dreamlike almost lucid experience in our love life and how it relates to our finances.  The dark side of this transit is one could be scammed and taken advantage of and easily manipulated.  So if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Just be cautious when it comes to love and finances at this time.  You may not be in your right mind from the middle of the week going into the weekend.   As long as you are protecting your assets, and you have some free time make sure you find something to do you can enjoy this weekend.  Parties, social gatherings, get-togethers are favored this weekend.  A time to be social.

If you are looking for deeper insight of the astrology and how you make it work for you, contact me.  Facebook or Email

Peace & Calm




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