This Week in Astrology 1/16/17 to 1/23/17

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

The central theme of this week’s astrology will be Mars in Pisces.  This week will figure out alternative ways to manifest our desires, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies.  At the beginning of the week Mars conjuncts Chiron, the energy available is the ability to deal with issues at a root cause, and nine times out of ten the root is you.  If not understood, it will bring out a lot of discomforts, it will be a revealing time.  For you, though one must change the things necessary to get things we truly desire and deserve.  And one must be conscious of the energy to receive and apply it.

January 17th, Mercury squares the North Node, giving us a glimpse into the future.  This glimpse comes in the form of a vision, dream, and/or manifesting an ability you didn’t know you had.  Mercury is in Capricorn, even though it is not retrograde, it is in its retrograde shadow.  My advice is to continue to gaining clarity, work with the waning moon, to be clear for the new moon on the 27th.  At that time Mercury will be out of its shadow zone and one can begin to really move ahead.  Free of baggage, and equipped with new skills, one could be really making amazing traction on their new beginning.

January 18th, Mars in Pisces quincunx Jupiter in Libra, focuses on perspective and how one applies it in his/her daily life.  Mars is developing new ways to overcome obstacles, ways to heal, and defeat enemies.  Jupiter is putting these new found ideas into perspective.  The key to these new developments is the balance that Jupiter presents.  It may happen organically, but it is always best to be cognitive of the developments of the psyche.  Working with Mars and understanding how it can help you is very important this week.

January 19th, two things happen astrologically, that affects us going forward.  Mars Square Saturn and the Sun enters Aquarius.  With Mars squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, the challenge would be to applying all that Mars has taught you in a week, with all the oppressive energy around you.  The key to understanding this transit is that we live in a Cause universe, and the effects are a result of it.  What Cause have you implemented in your life and development?  Don’t be a person simply waiting for things to happen, really put effort into developing your spiritual self, and building your spiritual power. Later in the day, the Sun enters into Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the bringer of knowledge.  What is highlighted is the information one is able to bring forth, with the goals of aiding humanity.  Everything you’ve learned this year brings into focus how to apply how you will use it and why you learned it will come into focus.   The keyword in Aquarius is “I Know”.  How can you prove what you know? How does one apply it?  Working with Mars earlier in the week will help aid in the transfer of power, esoterically and historically.  We can look at the News to understand the importance of transferring of power, and the importance of doing it right to prevent misunderstandings, riots, etc…

January 20th, Venus sextiles Pluto, highlighting ancient relationships.  Past life loves may be too hard to resist at this time, this is a time of destiny, a time of what is meant to be is meant to be unless one wants to do something esoterically to change that.  Crying, complaining, and protesting won’t accomplish anything.  Going within and dealing with those things that really matter will be the only satisfying things at this time.  After the 20th we will spend the weekend dealing with the ramifications of this great shift of power.

If you would like to know how these transits affect you personally please feel free to contace me via Facebook or Email.

Peace & Calm



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