This Week in Astrology 1/28/17 to 2/4/17 {Video}

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Mars enters Aries on the 28th of January, highlighting our ability to speak our truth, giving us a boost of energy to manifest our desires.  This energy if accessed you are more likely to come off as self-centered but sometimes being self-centered is necessary, especially coming fresh off of a new moon in Aquarius.  This New Moon is all about empowering ourselves and welcoming in the changes being brought to us by our higher selves.  We will start to notice ourselves changing and hopefully, those changes empower us to locate our purpose in the world.

Mercury is a major player this week, coming out its shadow retrograde, it is now finally a time for us to begin thinking about our future.  Hopefully, you have cleared a lot of doubts, pain, and trauma through this Venus transit in Pisces. If we can clear our past negativity then we will be able to think of ourselves and our highest goals.  On the 29th Mercury conjuncts Pluto bringing our deepest unconscious thoughts to the surface.  That is another reason why being clear is important during this time because we could also be bringing our deepest traumas to the surface.  Look forward to some insightful dreams, visions, and intuition that will lead us to our greatest purpose.  If you are not clear with the source, then the deception one faces will be very strong and we can become very confused during this time.  Remember the only thing we can control is our thoughts, we can not change others, remember we all have our own paths that we are on, make sure you are forging your own that will bring you ultimate satisfaction.  This is a time, to be honest with others, most importantly honest with ourselves.  The energy around us will be so intense so it is best that one utilize the ability to remain calm through the proverbial storm.  Through this peace, we will discover that which is deep within us.

So during this Mercurial phase of deep introspection,  Mercury squares Uranus on the 31st, bringing about a cosmic shift in our thoughts combined with a way to implement them.  Once again if we have been speaking our truth, implementing self-love religiously, and remaining calm through hectic surroundings we will have access to the higher realms of thought.  That will be the challenge, if we are able to synchronize our challenges to our reality we will most certainly receive a breakthrough.  Due to this switch up of energy, if we are not prepared for it, we will experience a load of nervous and uncertain energy.  If we are prepared we will receive the information necessary for us to implement our original ideas, that will allow us to reach the pinnacle of personal success.  We will understand our purpose and what must be done for us to manifest it, amidst a lot of individuals completely lost in the sauce.  Expect a lot of confusion this week but don’t you be confused.

On the first day of February, Mars in Aries will come inconjunct to the North Node in Virgo, this aspect will highlight the need for a savior.  If you know better you will realize that you are the savior you are seeking and you can offer yourself salvation.  A lot of people once again will be looking outside of themselves for help, you in preparation should realize that you are the only person that can save you.  Being aware of this energy takes the edge off and it allows us to move forward freely and surely.  This world is formed by our thoughts, so the question is always why am I manifesting undesirable circumstances in my life.  Later on in the day Mercury making its way through Capricorn touches bases with Chiron in Pisces and forms a sextile with this planet.  Last week we talked about Chiron in Pisces, we stressed self-love, so now this is the time we see how our self-love has benefitted our thinking.  Because we set the tone for our reality based on our ability to love yourself, on this day we deal with the manifestation of that or lack thereof. The following day, Mercury continues its path through Capricorn it forms a Square to Jupiter in Libra. After a stressful and hectic week, we are called to bring balance and make sense of all this new information we have received this week.  We should know what we want to accomplish, how to implement and have the energy to accomplish all that we want.  If we haven’t been doing the work, the universe will step and bring about that balance in a rather forceful way.  That is why it is important to understand the energies permeating within and around us, so we can utilize the energies to our greater good.

Finally, February 3rd Venus enters Aries.  We enter a stage in our lives where we are ready to fight for that which we love.  Hopefully, we have an understanding of the love that we are fighting for.  This is not an existential love, this is a love that is internal, a love that which we created.  Once again without the understanding many people will fight for a love they think is theirs but they will be sadly disappointed at the end of it all.  Love is a choice, not something we use to control others.

I hope this gives a good overview of the week, and you are prepared for what is going to be a phenomenal week.  If you want to see how these transits impact you individually, contact me for a reading.  My Facebook page or you contact me via Email.

Peace & Calm





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