This week in Astrology 2/11/17 to 2/18/17

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Sun trine Jupiter 2/11/17

Today we are dealing with a conflict of our old life and our new vision.  We need to contemplate that which we need to keep and what we need to let go to achieve our right balance.  We are dealing with our dreams becoming real, so now it is time to start living in our truth.  This is a transitioning period, we have been patient and persistent, now there is an all of a sudden feel to what we are manifesting.  With Jupiter being retrograde, we are living in very karmic times, so don’t do anything you may regret, most importantly do not turn your back on your intuition.  Be aware.

Sun sextile Saturn 2/14/17

Difficulties do not equate to impossibility.  Properly managing your old reality and new vision, by maintaining perspective through it all.  What you have made it out of, to where you are now, and how it aligns to where you are going.  You now have the ability to do something you are proud of but don’t let difficulties hold you back, let them motivate you.  Be encouraged.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron 2/14/17

We may not understand why the good or bad things are happening in our life and out of the blue.  Do not be confused about the healing process we are all undergoing collectively and individually.  Except all that is being given to you and all that is being taken away.  Your perception is king.  Alter your perception to that which better serves you and your vision.  You may have to be the one to fill in the gaps mentally to make sense of all that is happening.  Individually we are all going through a lot, allow yourself some time to sort it all out. Be yourself.

Mercury sextiles Mars 2/16/17

The divine mind wants to inspire divine action.  The first question is, are we accessing the divine mind.  The next question is, do we have enough energy to manifest that which we truly desire.  This is a good time to be creative and also having an outlet to get that creativity out.  This is not a time for deep thought or being reclusive.  Let your thoughts inspire you to action.  Be rewarded.

Sun enters Pisces 2/18/17

When the Sun enters Pisces, the ego comes face to face with the soul.  This is another Karmic transit,  where we are able to receive the benefits of our self-awareness and self-love.  These conditions will determine if we will be living out our dreams or worst nightmares.  Let us continue speaking our truth and acting out the life we want instead of the life we don’t want.  Let us continue to focus on the things that matter.  Be focused.

If you are interested in how these aspects affect you personally contact me for a reading.  Facebook or Email.

Peace & Calm



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