This Week in Astrology 4/2/17 to 4/9/17

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Venus, Saturn, Mercury, & Jupiter will be retrograde this week. Old themes will be reoccurring in the realms of love, employment, and personal development.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces 4/2/17
Continue to examine the new developments that have been transpiring in your life, see if they are to be kept or let go. If these new developments are to be kept than what has to be let go so you can hold on to it. This is a time for careful examination before you make that leap. When Venus goes direct later in this month you will know for sure how to move forward.

Mercury in Taurus Trine North Node in Virgo 4/3/17
This is the time to visualize the life we are moving into, as Mercury moves retrograde into Aries later this week, we will have the mental energy to bring it into manifest. Now Mercury is in Taurus and aligned with the North Node in Virgo (Things to come), We can use this earth energy to begin to manifest the life we see fit for ourselves.

Mars in Taurus Quincunx Jupiter in Libra Mars trine Pluto in Libra 4/4/17
Long-term success and ideas that will lead you to a greater more balanced reality are available. Make sure people are not using your energy more than you want to give. The energy of this year is very Nurturing.  .
Start to channel your ancestors and spirit guides to aid in your removing obstacles, directly or indirectly. Remain persistent in achieving your goals. Part of realizing success is making sure you are getting enough rest be mindful not to overwork yourself.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius 4/6/17
The training wheels will come off so a test on how disciplined one can be, and Saturn will be in a rewarding mood. Saturn is often called the Lord of Karma. This period of self-discipline should last 4 and a half months. So be mindful of what you are doing and more importantly of how what you’re doing, makes you feel. By the time this transit ends you should be affirmed in your future and what steps need to be taken. These lessons will be very hard and might even bring about depression. Remember the things that worry you are the things you need to handle. If you handle it, t these things will no longer be causes of worry.

Sun in Aries oppose Jupiter in Libra 4/8/17
How to initiate the balance in your personal life, amidst a lot of confusion around you. Be mindful not to be swung in one direction over another. Stay balanced. Allow things to fall into place, try not to force it. Make a practice of being grateful to bring more abundance into your life. An opportunity for spiritual development will be available during this transit as well.

Venus in Pisces retrograde square Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde 4/8/17
This transit brings up the lessons one must overcome to move forward. It’s time, to be honest with yourself and your partners about your needs and desires. Not being honest in your relationships will bring about indirect and unforeseen problems. This is a time to spend time alone and reflect on those things so you can be clear with others. Relationships require work, so if you are willing to put in the work then you will be rewarded with clarity and energy to move forward with your purpose.

Sun Aries square Pluto in Capricorn 4/8/17
Questions on how to lead and who to lead arises. Also, the energy available is the energy to channel your ancestral forces for the proper energy to empower you through a confusing time. Developing your personal power is encouraged during this time. What major changes need to be made, without those major changes expect a rough couple of days, of this energy trying to force and enact change in you. Learn how to channel negative energy into positive energy. This is an alchemical time of transformation, so invite in the changes.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus 4/9/17
The confusion comes in whether to trust your intellect or intuition, these things may be in conflict during this 24 day period. If you remember to be balanced in your approach to decision making you should be fine. Choosing one side or another will only bring about more confusion during this retrograde. Just remember to be calm and don’t allow situations and circumstances to overwhelm you.



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