Full Moon in Scorpio

A quick message regarding the Full Moon in Scorpio.

With the Sun in the nurturing sign of Taurus opposing the Moon in the deep diving sign of Scorpio. We are dealing with the Laws of Nature as well as the Universal Laws. As we prepare for a major shift in energy we need to understand our focus, energy, and how it manifests in our lives. There are countless atrocities happening presently in our reality, one could never keep up with every “negative” thing in the world. This transit is encouraging us to lighten our heart, raise our empathy, and transcend. The thing is, people who do not adhere to the laws of nature or universal law will not reap the benefits of Ma’at. This is a time of truth, an unveiling, and sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth can be beautiful. Sometimes the truth can be our worst fear. This is another reason we do Astrology updates, we need to know the difference between planting, maintaining, and harvesting. With the Nodes shifting back to Leo, we enter into a time of war and propaganda, we need to focus on our reality. Now more than ever.

Peace & Calm

El Melchizedek


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