7 Remedies for a Lean Purse — Simple and Effective way to acquire wealth — {Video}

Video Notes:

The king of Babylon wanted his nation to be wealthier, he needed more people to be wealthy, but they did not know how to acquire wealth.

So he sought out the richest man in Babylon Arkad, to teach the people how to acquire wealth.

It was not a mystical teaching, it was practical, and any man could learn to be wealthy.

So the King gathered 100 men for Arkad to teach the Seven Remedies for a lean purse.
The first remedy.

Start the purse fattening.

For every ten coins, leave one within your purse, as it grows over time you will feel better.

If you spend only nine-tenths of your earnings you will not starve, and money will come to you more frequently.

The more you keep the more you will be able to spend actually.

If you keep an empty purse coins will avoid you.

What do you want? Food, clothes, a drink. Or. Land, Wealth, investments.

The money you spend will get you the first, the money you keep will get you the latter.
Second Remedy

Control your expenditures

Understand the difference between desire and necessary.

As your income increases, so do your desires.

You have to actively think contrary to that idea.

without recognizing it you will always have more desires than your earnings.

What expenses can you reduce or eliminate? Do that.

Know that to get to where you truly want to get to, desires will have to be eliminated.

Budget your expenses
Third Remedy

Make your money multiply

Money saved will not bring you complete satisfaction

saving is just a start, what we do with what we save will bring us a fortune

its not about the amount of money you have in your account, its the flow of money, its the streams of income

investing in people with talent,

it is not everything to just save money, we must make smart investments with our savings, make our money work for us.

the possibilities are endless
fourth remedy

protect your assets by being patient and investigative

do not be thirsty to get rich

check peoples reputation and their ability to come through on the otherside

dont give your money away freely, without research, without knowledge, without counsel.
fifth remedy

buy land

buy a comfortable house with space

raise your family in an open environment

dont cramp your family in a small space

space allows us to grow

small living quarters will ultimately limit us and frustrate us
Six Remedy

insure a future income

prepare for old age

prepare for your family after your no longer there

keep the future in your mind

insurance, wealth, bonds

keep the future in mind
seventh remedy

increase your ability to earn

after accomplishments come desires

this is a process

we dont just get one sum of money and be done

it is a continual process

of learning getting better

expanding and focusing

taking it one step at a time

this is not about doing a bunch of things and overwhelming yourself

understanding that there is abundance for all

even you

but we must be persistent with the application

its not magic

the truth is simple

the truth is not abstract


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