Practical Uses for Universal Law Part 1 (Foundations for Wealth Creation) — VIDEO


Video Notes:

as above, so below
as within, so without
your inside world is a reflection of your outside world

where people’s unenlightened beliefs could be broken down and then changed to more enlightened paths that would unite everyone to a new perspective that would put everyone into agreement
Solve et Coagulation

Spirituality is an Egg
So without any interaction its just slimy
Add heat, Whip it, or scramble it. It goes from a slimy mess
to a delicious food item.
Something can be a mess but added heat can force it together
Seperate and Together

all possession is based on consciousness
Thus you can’t acquire something you already have
All accomplishments and all possessions come about by our thinking

your ability to think is your ability to act.
as a man thinketh so is he.
every thought is a cause
every condition is a result of effect
positive and harmonious existence is the result of right thinking
discord, pain, and sorrow is the result of wrong thinking
your power is within

Gaining Light
Life is a Dark Room
The more Wisdom we gain
Reading and application
the more light we recieve
When the room is dark we just stumble around
running into things because we cant see
When we realize that our source is not seperate from us. it is us.
we are the power. and the problem was we didnt use our power.
now we must learn ourselves.


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