Practical Uses for Universal Law Part 2 (Law of Attraction Explained) — Video

Video Notes:

The mind operates off of two parallel simultaneous modes
Conscious – thinking, analyzing
subconscious – heart beat, blood flow

The most important of the two is the subconscious
you never have to tell your blood to flow
but your blood flowing is vital
so we are dealing with certainties, ease, genius level system
we all that are breathing are displaying a level of genius that we could never be able to consciously duplicate
A level of perfection
Your personal talent is a representation of the subconscious manifest
We all have abilities that we do not know where they came from
We happen to be better at it than others
This is how it shows up
We also have to understand about the subconscious it represents the power within, your heartbeat, your ability to move, your ability to breath
So moving forward and truly understanding manifestation
We understand how our mind works
and how to press upon it the change we desire
Now we deal with the conscious mind
so if the subconscious mind is the car
the conscious mind is the steering wheel
So you having a ferrari but not being able to drive it or control it
means the ferrari is worthless
So with information people generally speak to your subconscious mind and you feel good knowing you have a ferrari but they never tell you how to drive it
for a fee maybe but thats not even guranteed
So if you consciously get behind an idea that is where your subconscious is headed
using this analogy
if you are behind the idea of fear, anxiety, poverty, disease that is where you will lead the ship
So what do we consciously believe, not what we tell people, what do we believe, be real with yourself
So where are we directing our ship
What actions are supporting it, besides what we tell people, what do we believe
The ferrari doesn’t stop and tell you this is a bad neighborhood
It will go where you drive it and if you get carjacked
You should of done more research
You should of mapped out your destination
And most certainly if you would get to where you where destined to go
Destiny is not something that just happens
It is actually something that you planned with a purpose
Taken from the latin word
destinatio) “purpose, design,”
Why we struggle
Because we can ultimately choose where we are going
But if you are choosing misinformation then thats where you will go
If you dont have a destination (purpose or design) then how will you get anywhere
And ultimately thats where a lot of us find ourselves
We do not trust ourselves to think positive
To change the outcome is to always remain balanced
And trust the subconscious mind that has never failed you
it keeps your heart beating and body working
To continue make a way
because this represents your inner power your inner perfection
No guru is making your heartbeat
You are
So tapping into that trusting that is how you always win
the more you build it the more you understand the more indestructible this understanding becomes
This needs to be the most important thing in your life
Your relationship with self
So step back
If the subconscious mind can accept the wrong ideas
Then by law it can accept the right ideas
We just need to understand the difference and understand the repetition needed to alter the direction of the ship
So now we deal with habits and what are habits promote
so the subconscious mind has levels
physically its the life restoring features
the mental its the memories
spiritually its our creativity our intuition imagination our true power
So how can we use the subconscious mind to change our reality
We dont just think everybody thinks. thinking isnt magical
but the constant repetitive application of directing our thoughts, emotions, and actions towards our targets this is the foundation of the Law of Attraction you hear so often


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