Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 6) The Importance of Visualization


Video Notes:

the difference between daydreaming and fantasy
is the emotions

test drive

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

. When we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. The steady flow of thinking is a thick filter between our thoughts and feelings, our head and heart.

the law of attraction is already used to you doing this
when you visualize plus use emotions
then you are in the realm of manifesting
emotions play a crucial role in visualization of what you want to have/achieve. A visualization is only successful if it makes you feel, really feel the positive emotion – that’s when you know that you’re doing it right.

The Law of Abundance. (sometimes referred to as the Law of Opulence or Success.) By creating visualizations of abundance in our lives we draw this energy of success into our reality.

Nothing is a miracle except in the profound sense that everything is a miracle. Is anything more miraculous than that each of us is encased in an intricately organized body, and is set upon on earth whirling through space among the stars?

there should be no limits to your visualizations
it should be clear and magnificient
your subconscious mind is infinite and powerful
and it is located in your solar plexus
not your head
remember that
your power is in your stomach

a key to this, the hardest part, the part will most will fall off at
is the mental labor, the mental work that is required to focus on that which you truly desire. its so easy for your mind to wander off into random meaningless thoughts

the beginning stages is idealization
which is seeing something as perfect before you begin manifesting
the blueprint of it all
and like a blueprint every detail is mapped out before construction begins
you have to make your idea and desire perfect in the mind first
if something is blocking you mentally then it doesn’t make sense to construct it anyway.
a farmer wouldnt plant corn when he really needs tomatoes.
its a sense of knowing through reptition, through understanding, through knowledge, that the farmer plants the right crops during the right time to get the proper harvest.

the more you maintain this image add details, add emotions, and more details, you will begin to see exactly how to bring it into manifest. and every confirmation and coincidence should empower you to move forward with what you have instituted initially. you will begin to meet people who will help you bring your idea into manifestation. people bring circumstances and abilities that you cant provide alone and then you will enter into the materialization stage.

understand that the same mind that created the (you)niverse or universe is within you and you have access to it at anytime
so faith leads to confidence, confidence leads to courage, courage leads to endurance, endurance leads to concentration, you need to concentrate so deep that all other thoughts outside of your purpose or desire become irrelevant

the more you contemplate your desire, vision, manifestation the more it becomes real, the more energy and action you put behind it the more it becomes real

visualization is you riding a bike uphill
if you keep going by the time you reach the top of the hill that is represented as potential energy
you have built up enough energy to reach your destination.
now manifesting represented as kinetic energy is extremely easy and downhill

the problem with people is when they see a mountain, they see it as insurmountable, as a block.
obstacles don’t mean quit it means you need to focus on climbing
visualization is the climbing. the hard part.

creating the inner world is so important
your inner world should be so beautiful because we have distance ourselves from fear, discord, worry, fear, and anxiety
.if you pay attention to the outside world thats all there is it seems.
so create some distance between your inner world and the outside world.
and start creating your inner world and make that uphill climb toward your destiny. because once you have the vision complete its all down hill from there. kinetic energy

so lets keep going with the mountain analogy.
the mountain can be debt. and if you see the mountain as something negative than you will never seek to climb it, and in your mind the climb gets harder, steeper, higher. and sense you are not improving your inner reality. you have to deal with the negative circumstances you already been exposed to. instead of making a change and moving forward. you focus on this mountain of debt you cant climb and are subjected to everything you been subjected too.
the focus should be on what you want. not what you don’t want.

The Law of Abundance. … We live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing obey the laws governing its acquisition.

this is the law you should operate in if you truly seek abundance
the opposite is the law of poverty and it works the same exact way

if you sow a seed. you can not go back 10 minutes later digging up the earth and to see if it harvestedbe

this information is about going against the grain.
the masses are led.
in order to lead you need to go against the grain.
so disconnect

what you see is what you get
being doing and having

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This Week in Astrology – New Moon in Cancer

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Sun oppose Saturn 

Sun in Gemini Saturn in Sagittarius are different manifestations of the same thing

all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.  requires learning how to maintain balance, focus, and detachment from the distractions of the material world.  The interplay of Air and Fire how the wind whips through the fire to actually kindle fire needs boundaries (saturn in Sagitarrius)The sun in Gemini will blow a gust of wind now, if your fire is weak there is a possibility that your fire will be blown out during this opposition.  Hopefully your fire is strong and contained enough to not get blown out.  The wind is the local, closer force  The fire is your long term evolution, your immediate reality and your evolution will be in direct opposition .  Lets realize that they are one in the same but it takes work to see it that way.  You deal with this energy if you connect the dots.  Understand your present reality is changing (sun in gemini) and aligning with your future reality (saturn in saggitarius)
Life is a river. Instead of clinging on to a rock let go and become part of the water. Find the still point within and live from that point and by doing that our hopes and dreams come closer.
The Lovers can mean that someone should be honest, make a clear decision for this love, the fulfilling of a wish, of a desire, and stand by it. Apart from this, the Lovers can say that a peaceful combination of existing contrasts or contradictions is a better solution than any confrontation – diplomacy instead of war.

Neptune goes retrograde  june 16 to november 22

Neptune is a slow moving planet. The themes of this Retrograde is letting go of fear, understanding the depths of you, and your truths.  Your fantasies are being unraveled, some pains that are too harmful to deal with so we escape through drugs, sex, etc…its a good time to fall back from drug use and escapism so you can really start to address and heal from pain.  The conjunction of the moon brings about levels of sensitivity that we must act on or suffer the consequences in this life we cant be too sure also this is another set up for the solar eclipse in august

Summer Solstice begins when the sun enters Cancer June 21st

Highlighting the focus on homes, security and family.  With the Sun being conjunct Mercury your state of mind will be the theme heading into this summer, there will be so many distractions outside of you that will not align with your reality, so it comes a time to make a decision based on what you know, not based on what you see.  With mercury squaring Uranus, the challenge will be are you channeling your divine mind or are you channelling your thoughts from what you see, what you see will almost be misleading


New Moon June 23rd 10:23 PM New Moon in Cancer Conjunct Mercury and Mars

New moon is a time for setting intentions, in the realm of home, family, and security. So where do you see your home life, what changes and improvements are you planning on implementing and using this summer solstice and new moon energy.  We can project our energy and mold life to our desires with this stellium of conjunction energy, We can see how when we channel our thoughts and speak our truths we will be heard. This is definitely a time to put into works new plans and projects, it is definitely go time.  Understand and research the energy of prosperity and work with this particular energy moving forward.  We may be entering unknown terrain and based on distractions this brings about fear but it is also a time to connect to our divine mind and accept the gifts being bestowed upon us.  Dealing with the energy of home, security, and family.


If your interested in getting a deeper look at how these transits affect you personally please contact me.  Facebook or E-Mail. Donations.

Peace & Calm


Practical Uses for Understanding Law (Part 5) The Power of Attention & Focus

Video Notes:

a very simple remedy for a complex situation
it only matters if it is attached to something
like a radio, tv, some lights, appliances, etc
then it can do amazing things
without a modality its just energy
pretty much useless

so thought is just thoughts
unless its attached to a particular idea
then it will charge that idea
otherwise its just wandering thoughts
with no focus

your thoughts with a focus are so powerful
and most of us are ignorant so we just waste our time
and idly pass time
and let our thoughts drift
but if we were to focus on that which we desire for a time
and focus on it

the mental world is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
its in all places
it always responds to our desire

the brain is embryonic only meaning it can be developed

the people that choose to look within and build and understand
their inner workings will triumph
the ones that continuously look outside will fail

your dealing with the vibration and forces that most respond to you
success will always equate to attention and concentration
its the highest thing we all can strive for
especially now

distractions and having distracted thoughts are why you may think something is impossible
but understanding your mind and how its developed will show you that nothing is impossible
a very simple remedy for a complex situation
this is not an overnight thing
it takes practice
and understanding
because the way the world is set up
you can lose it overnight

if you woke conscious
you can not complain
or be in need
you know that anything is possible
nothing is impossible
through focus and attention
what are you focusing on
can you keep your attention up
without being distracted this is key

Every minute of every day, your body is physically reacting, literally changing, in response to the thoughts that run through your mind

if you understand and can control the cause (your thoughts)
than you can control your effects (the results).


Practical uses for Universal Law (Part 4) Building with Spirit

video notes:
You have power over your circumstances
Thought is energy
Energy is Power

The world is limited to effects
And the causes are ignored or misunderstood

the singular form of the first person is “I,”

having/owning without having a legal or moral obligation to that which is possessed brings about intense happiness

90% of the mind is subconscious
10% of the mind is conscious

most people only access the 10% which gives them a narrow view

understanding how to use the 90% will give us the answer to any problem

so before you can solve the problems of the world you have to know how to solve your own

we need to look at the materials we are using when we build our mental home
if we are building our home with Resistance, discord, worry, stress, fear
its like building it with driftwood
when we entertain these thoughts we are still manifesting and building
but it may be a shitty house

So realizing that within us is a storehouse of every fine marble, granite, gold and silver and we can build any house we want to
you dont need to go out and get more to begin to manifest
we have to begin to learn and begin to use what you already have within you

you will not lose anything
but your limits, subservient attitudes, and weaknesses
when you deal with the 90%
once you understand that this power is within you
your life will never be the same again
its not a man/woman
thats gonna do it for you
its all within you
but how to access it and use it is key
and thats the point of these videos
the energy is a result of someone giving it to me
now im just doing the same
this information has to be passed on
we can use the information but it also have to be given
because in life you give what you get

spirit is life
when the spirit is gone life is over
so it serves us to understand spirit
it will never serve us to avoid it and focus on external things

This Week in Astrology (Full Moon in Gemini) (Video)

Full Moon in Sagittarius Notes:

Moon Conjunct Saturn
Emotionally Expand, Saturn is their making sure it is actually able to happen
An understanding that you cant save people. until you can save yourself
North Node in Leo
The world you design/Spiritual energy/ manifestation
Uranus in Aries
Individuality, rebelliousness, doing whats best for you
Jupiter Goes direct.
inviting decisveness
We should be learing from when Jupiter went retrograde on 2/5 The areas we need to expand
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Taurus
Law of Attraction
Letting Go of the low vibration
Reaching for a higher octave
We have to consciously and actively expand
Thats why Saturn is there making sure these things are real
We are in a law of attraction zone
6/9 Ying Yang, thats Light in the dark, dark in the light
Sagittarius/Jupiter is allowing your truth to be heard and expressed.
This shows up weird if you are focused on external things
Lets face it a lot of people are not connected to themselves
and its going to be a lot of follow the leader
Lies and Scandal
But lets not focus on that
Let us stay grounded in Truth
Ground Breaking energy
allowing you to expand

Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 3) (The Solar Plexus)

Video Notes:
We realize that the subconscious mind and conscious mind don’t reside in the same space

Cerebro Spinal
Conscious Information,
The Brain

also known as the solar plexus because of its radiating nerve fibers, is a complex network of nerves (a nerve plexus) located in the abdomen
Solar – Pertaining to the Sun – Sol
Plexus – Braid, or network of nerves.
Subconscious Mind

Your power is not in your brain, it is the center where many thoughts roam.
When you believe a thought to be true it is sent to the Solar Plexus,
Abdominal Brain
Will Power
Life Force
respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems
Emotional Center
Excitement – butterflies in the stomach
Pain – Gut wrenching
The popular phase ” I feel it in my gut”
Third Chakra – Self Love, Emotional Balance
Breathing into the Solar Plexus inviting energy and balance.
You have this nerve center, radiating electromagnetic energy all throughtout the body, making sure your alive
your inner sun
your inner soul

The Vagus nerve, vague
its starts as a nerve in the brain through the body, heart, down to the solar plexus and is a part of that.
the flow of information is determined by our emotions
This connection is what makes us one entity with one mind

Through the conscious mind we reason
We think, we evaluate.
The subconscious mind just does what is impressed on him
(Remember Ferrari)
Through the subconscious mind are thoughts are made real.
Conscious mind is the driver, as the driver, you visualize where you need to go.
The vehicle is the subconscious mind, allowing you to make your visualization a reality.

The Solar Plexus is the Sun
Your own personal Sun
What clouds it
Resistance, discord, worry, stress, fear
You should be so focused on radiating your solar energy
that the clouds don’t stand a chance
the sun is a reminder
the clouds are also a reminder
Your power is not in your brain.
Your power is in your solar plexus.
You access that energy center through peace and calm thoughts
You impress your subconscious mind through this space
Focus on your desired state
Send those vibrations down into your solar plexus
through breathing
by accessing the universal mind
Building this energy is how you experience magnetic energy