Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 3) (The Solar Plexus)

Video Notes:
We realize that the subconscious mind and conscious mind don’t reside in the same space

Cerebro Spinal
Conscious Information,
The Brain

also known as the solar plexus because of its radiating nerve fibers, is a complex network of nerves (a nerve plexus) located in the abdomen
Solar – Pertaining to the Sun – Sol
Plexus – Braid, or network of nerves.
Subconscious Mind

Your power is not in your brain, it is the center where many thoughts roam.
When you believe a thought to be true it is sent to the Solar Plexus,
Abdominal Brain
Will Power
Life Force
respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems
Emotional Center
Excitement – butterflies in the stomach
Pain – Gut wrenching
The popular phase ” I feel it in my gut”
Third Chakra – Self Love, Emotional Balance
Breathing into the Solar Plexus inviting energy and balance.
You have this nerve center, radiating electromagnetic energy all throughtout the body, making sure your alive
your inner sun
your inner soul

The Vagus nerve, vague
its starts as a nerve in the brain through the body, heart, down to the solar plexus and is a part of that.
the flow of information is determined by our emotions
This connection is what makes us one entity with one mind

Through the conscious mind we reason
We think, we evaluate.
The subconscious mind just does what is impressed on him
(Remember Ferrari)
Through the subconscious mind are thoughts are made real.
Conscious mind is the driver, as the driver, you visualize where you need to go.
The vehicle is the subconscious mind, allowing you to make your visualization a reality.

The Solar Plexus is the Sun
Your own personal Sun
What clouds it
Resistance, discord, worry, stress, fear
You should be so focused on radiating your solar energy
that the clouds don’t stand a chance
the sun is a reminder
the clouds are also a reminder
Your power is not in your brain.
Your power is in your solar plexus.
You access that energy center through peace and calm thoughts
You impress your subconscious mind through this space
Focus on your desired state
Send those vibrations down into your solar plexus
through breathing
by accessing the universal mind
Building this energy is how you experience magnetic energy



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